Swimming with Killer Whales in Mexico

If you are interested in the best place to swim with whales in Mexico, then I can give you some good advice. Not long ago, I went whale watching off the coast of Guadalajara. My wife and I had our ups and downs during the entire trip, but we finally got it down and really enjoyed ourselves. I will tell you how we did.

First of all, whales and sharks aren’t the only attractions in and around the island. There are lots of marine life to enjoy as well. Whales and blue marlins are common in the area, as well as a wide variety of fish including peacocks, squid and turtles. In fact, there are so many types of marine life that it would be impossible not to see it all! It was actually quite amazing to see so many different types of animals in such a small area, although I have seen more than my share of large sharks. We did, however, encounter two rare species that are worth visiting.

The first is the Black Headed Sea Turtle, which can grow to around 3 feet long. It is a very unique turtle that lives primarily in the warm waters around Playa del Carmen and Riviera Nayarit on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. You will be quite hard pressed to find any other species of turtle in the same area, which makes this a very exciting place to swim if you are looking for a unique experience. The second species of wildlife worth visiting is the holbox Mexico turtle, which can grow to around seven feet long and weigh around four hundred pounds.

Other important wildlife and plant life to swim with whales in Mexico include: black ball crab, white sturgeon, grey snapper, great barracuda, black banded sea angelfish, Mexican grey snapper, and yellow fin tuna. These are just a few of the many species you will find swimming along the magnificent beaches of Playa del Carmen. I would advise swimmers to bring extra food and first aid supplies just in case one of these creatures gets injured or sick during their trip. This is a natural precaution that is necessary if you want to make sure you are safe when snorkeling or swimming with whales in Mexico.

You will also find a variety of different marine mammals swimming with whales in Mexico. In fact, there are so many that I have not mentioned that I could write for hours. Two of the most popular animals are the blue whale sharks, which can grow up to nine feet long, and the common white or black swan, which can grow up to six feet long. Other interesting marine mammals include: manta rays, rocavels, pilot whales, great white sharks, and sperm whales.

The beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen make it a perfect location for people to swim with killer whales. There are so many marine species you can see while enjoying the warm waters of Playa del Carmen, including the elusive and amazing blue whale. As long as the weather is warm enough to be enjoyable, the blue whales will be right there waiting to feed. If you are interested in seeing some or all of these amazing creatures, I highly recommend you try to swim with whales in Mexico. It will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

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