10 Facts About Blue Whales

What do you know about blue whales? You may have heard of them from the movies or seen them on TV, but did you know that these are some of the most powerful creatures on Earth? Here, you will learn 10 facts about blue whales that will astound you.

Blue Whales The largest animal that ever existed is the blue whale and can grow to over 90 feet long and weigh up to 24 elephants! What makes the blue whales unique is their bluish color, which is called “Mermaid” in their native ecosystem. It is thought that these creatures were introduced into the New Zealand waters by ships that left port many years ago. They have one of the loudest voices on the planet. They can be heard all over the ocean even when moving or traveling at a fast rate.

These are also known as sperm whales. They are small cetaceans that live primarily in warm oceans. They are the only animal apart from sharks that can live underwater. Sperm whales can hold so many sperm at once that they can make multiple bunches of about a dozen each second. They are only able to hold their sperm for a few seconds before they need to recharge themselves.

Blowholes These are sponges that sit at the ends of the baleines, which are the tubes that contain the blubber. Blowholes vary in size depending on where the fish would like to fish, and they can reach up to a hundred feet! Bloaters can go from the depths of the cold Alaskan waters to the warm Pacific Ocean in search of krill. The bigger the fish the bigger the blowhole has to be. Some have been known to reach a staggering one mile!

Krills This is not a group of creatures, but rather a single specie. They are small fish that are about the same size as your thumb. They are found in North America, Europe, and Asian waters. They are nocturnal and are said to be the loudest marine creatures. They make their way through the waters making their way to the feeding grounds of blue whales.

While there are a lot of interesting facts about blue whales out there, one that has probably intrigued you the most is the fact that they are the only animal that is both alive and underwater at the same time. They have evolved into an incredibly large creature with an incredible array of features. Even though they look quiet when moving through the waters, they actually make some of the loudest sounds in the ocean. There is a very fascinating book that talks about this subject, which you can purchase online.

Facts About Whales

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