Whale Watching in Baja California – Do You Want to Touch Wales?

One of the more famous sights to spot in Baja California is the sight of humpback whales. The sight of these massive whales can be quite breathtaking, and sometimes you can even see them from shore as they’re feeding. One of the preferred spots to watch whales in Baja is Mar Vista, which is a town located in the center of Baja California. Mar Vista is also home to a popular day spa.

One of the best places to start whale watching is in the early morning hours when the whales are returning to their breeding grounds in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. If you wish to get the best whale watching experience possible, you should head to the Mar Vista area, where there are a number of viewing areas for viewing. One of these spots is in front of the marina called La Jolla Cove. Mar Vista is also a popular surfing destination, so if you have a wave to surf you’re in luck. Another popular spot to watch whales in Baja California is in front of Point St. George, where there are several marina berths available.

While there are many wonderful sights to see in and around Mar Vista, perhaps the most notable spot to observe whales is in Tijuana. It’s actually illegal to hunt whales in Mexico, so you’ll have to settle for one of the many natural-life sanctuaries in the area. One such sanctuary is called La Jolla, which is located right next to the San Diego border. The Natural Park Naturaleway Tijuana Park is one of the best natural-life sanctuaries in Baja California, offering an abundance of marine life such as fish, turtles, sea lions, otters, and rays.

Of course, whales aren’t the only creatures you’ll find watching from the Pacific Ocean. There’s also the Great Blue Hole, which is the deepest hole in the Northern Pacific. This spot is visited by thousands of skiers and sailors each year. In fact, whale watching tours are popular in San Diego and Southern California. The El Cajon spot is also a popular location for whale watching in Baja California, although there aren’t too many humpback whales in this area.

If you’re interested in seeing more than just whales, you might want to head to Puerto Vallarta, which is easily the largest city on the western side of Baja. There, you’ll find a popular spot known as Sea World, which features a wide variety of aquatic life. There’s also the Wild Animal Park, which was created solely to provide an environment for local wildlife. Of course, not everyone can afford to head out to Baja, so one of the best ways to enjoy whale watching in Puerto Vallarta is to simply do it yourself!

Although most of the main surfing breaks in Baja are along the Mexican coast, there are actually some excellent spots to watch whales from further inland. If you live in San Diego, you should definitely consider a spot near Coronado Island. Located on the northern end of Baja, this spot is not only beautiful, but it offers some of the best whale spotting around.

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