Why Killer Whales Collapsed The Detachable Fin Hump On A Killer Whale

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killer whales collapsed dorsal fin

Why Killer Whales Collapsed The Detachable Fin Hump On A Killer Whale

The recent stranding of these killer whales is indeed a matter of great concern. There were several reports that four sperm whales have stranded in Australia. However, experts have taken the trouble to find out the cause of these accidents. It has been found out that all the whales stranded since last July 15 had suffered injuries at some point of their journey. Several of them even died in the process.

The accident has come as a major blow to the entire whale watching community all over the world. These killer whales had already been in an aggressive mode since last July and they were not about to take it any more. This is the reason why the entire community is up in arms. They are trying to locate the exact place from where these accidents took place and figure out how these injured whales began their decline.

The most important question that is being asked at this point is as to what exactly happened to cause these whales to collapse the dorsal fin. Experts have pointed out several causes that might have led to this accident. Some of these include the changes in weather patterns and the food supply. Other contributing factors include the pod’s habit of hanging around after breeding, the presence of “scorched-earth” muck at the base of the fin and the poor vision of the whales.

The fin hump has been a popular resting place for killer whales since quite a long time ago. It was noticed that the fin of these large marine mammals becomes suddenly compacted and almost to the point of becoming useless. However, this change in behavior can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Some people opine that changes in weather patterns and changes in the food supply are the main reasons for this.

During certain times of the year, killer whales visit Australia for mating purposes. This is when their mating process starts to heat up to the skies. During this time the fin tends to become very dense and very hard to see. Experts have pointed out that this makes it nearly impossible to spot the fin hump and sometimes the hump can even get so close as to resemble a human being.

Even with the increased understanding of killer whales and their habits, this incident still leaves a lot of unanswered questions unanswered. Although the fin hump has now disappeared, it is still possible that other whales encountered may have also undergone a similar transformation. Other islands in the vicinity of the whales’ home island are now also experiencing fin hump changes that experts are calling an unusual behaviour. These changes are being linked to changes in diet and population numbers. There is also the concern that killer whales could be following a new trend that is leading to drastic declines in certain types of fish stocks.

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