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why do whales migrate



Why do whales move? Why do whales travel in groups? Why don’t whales swim alone? Why do whales only travel in pods? Do whales follow migration routes?

Why do minke whales feed in specific areas?
This feeding practice takes place in certain areas of the world year-round. In the Southern Right Pool, the breeding area is much smaller compared to other areas. A smaller area allows the whales to find feeding areas closer together so they can reach their destination faster.

Why do whales migrate when the weather becomes colder?
The whales’ migration because the air temperatures become colder. The whales’ bodies become very efficient at heating up when the temperature becomes cooler. They use large bladders to store heat when the air temperatures become warmer than usual.

Why do grey whales moult?
Moult is a process that whales go through when they are migrating to their winter homes. A moult is a temporary condition that a grey whale goes through when they are breeding. The breeding season is usually for two or three months and the moult can occur during the first or second month of this season.

Why do whales move south when the weather becomes colder?
The warm water that is in the southern hemisphere makes the waters warm enough for the whales to breed. When they start breeding in the subtropical waters, the water becomes cooler and whales have trouble maintaining the mass that they need to maintain their temperature. There are other factors that contribute to the movement of whales, including the availability of food, the migration direction, the type of food available, the migration route and the thickness of the ice cover.

Why do whales move in different migratory patterns?
Whales move in different migratory patterns to ensure that they reach their destination on time. There is a major migration each year that lasts from December to March and this is the route that most whales take when heading to the Southern Hemisphere. In this process, the animals travel down the Equator and head up to the South Pole. During the winter, whales slow down their movement to allow the water to warm up to the same temperature as the atmosphere. Then, in the springtime, they accelerate their journey.

Why do some whales give birth in the winter months?
During winter, gray whales give birth to calves that will stay with the mother for the winter. In the springtime, these calves will be weaned into the ocean by mothers that have already fed their young. Then, the mothers will return to the place where they were born and give birth once again. For this reason, it is easy to understand why the waters migrate.

Why do humpback whales migrate?
They feed primarily by feeding on the surface of the open water. As they move through the waters, they make bumps in their progress which are called migration trails. These trails give the animals time to regroup and reorganize before moving on to their next feeding area.

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