Why Are Whales and Dolphins So Frequently Sighted?

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In the past, whales have been hunted for their meat and ivory. However, in recent years, due to overfishing and other man made threats, whales have become endangered. It is difficult to see whales these days because they tend to migrate in large groups. There are many rumors that they may even be seen off the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

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There are many reasons as to why whales Sightings have increased. One reason is because of changes in weather and ocean currents. Another is because of orcas. Here we will look at both of these aspects and determine whether or not whales sightings and whale activity is increasing globally.

One of the most popular and important reason as to why whales are being sighted is because of increasing numbers of dolphins. There has been a massive increase in the number of bottlenose dolphins along with the number of killer whales in the last thirty years. This has led to an increase in whale sightings by local fishermen and cruise liners. If the local fishermen can see a group of whales, then they are more likely to put out fires and capture a few of these animals for their food sources.

Another reason why whales are becoming more commonly sighted is because of the rising number of Gray whales. These are the largest predatory mammals in the ocean and have a very large territorial range. Gray whales have the ability to travel thousands of miles in search of food, which makes them very important to local marine ecosystems. A good example of the types of foods that Gray whales are able to catch is mukul.

The third most popular reason for whales and dolphin sighting is the increase in humpback whale sightings. Humpback whales have been known to travel up to ten thousand miles in search of food. This means that whales traveling in pods can travel from Canada to Alaska, or even farther east into Mexico. There have also been reports of humpback whales sighting in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. More often than not, when a humpback whale sighting is reported in the local news or wildlife websites, it is because the whales are either returning to their pods or heading out to open waters.

Of all of the whales and dolphins that are frequently sighted in coastal waters around the United States, the blue whale is probably the most frequently seen. Blue whales are typically seen off the shores of Oregon, California, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, and sometimes British Virgin Islands. These creatures are so common because they spend most of their time in the colder southern waters. Sightings of blue whales tend to occur during the summer months, which are generally from June to November. When you combine all of the whale sighting articles from coast to coast, it becomes easier to understand the reasons for whales and dolphin sightings from coast to coast.

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