Where To Watch The Whales In Southern California

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Where To Watch The Whales In Southern California

Watch the whales! One of the most fascinating and exhilarating marine experiences you can have while in Monterey Bay is to watch the whales. If you like watching wild animals then you should definitely see the whales in Monterey Bay. The Monterey Bay shore is probably one of the top places in California or even in the whole world to watch whales and all other marine life. In fact, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary isn’t like Africa’s Serengeti reserves, rich in rare wildlife.

More than thirty species of sea birds, over 180 species of marine mammals and even more than 500 species of fish call the Monterey Bay region home. This includes a large variety of whales, gray whales in particular, that can be seen from the famous Monterey Bay Bridge as well as from other locations on the coast. As mentioned earlier, whale watching in Monterey Bay is a widely popular activity, especially for those who love watching wild animals up close. There are also various tour boats operating out of San Diego’s harbor with professionally trained and experienced crew members on board that will offer sighting opportunities and other activities such as swimming with the whales or hiking along portions of the coast with their whale watching guide.

As stated before, whale watching in Monterey Bay isn’t just about seeing whales. There are several different tours that will take you along parts of the coastal area as well as inland. There are cruises operating out of San Diego’s harbor with their own viewing platform and you can go offshore to watch the whales feed from the shore. Many people who come to visit the state from southern California to San Francisco spend part of their holiday traveling to this part of the country to see whales in their natural habitat.

Some of the other popular locations for whale watching in Southern California include the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Barbara Channel. The Pacific Ocean features grey whales, humpback whales, pilot whales and several smaller species along its shores. The Santa Barbara Channel features grey, blue and even green whales as well as a variety of tropical fish species. Each of these locations are only a short boat ride away from Monterey Bay and a great way to spend a day if you have some time left over after visiting one or two of the more popular whale watching destinations.

In addition to seeing the whales up close, many people enjoy seeing the marine life and witness the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. If you happen to stop by at Moss Landing State Park you will get to see a rare opportunity to see a grey whale breaching the water for the first time. If you want to experience the wildlife a little further you can always take your self out boating and take in the beautiful sights and sounds that the area has to offer while you enjoy the gentle movement of your small vessel through the waters.

The most popular destination for whale watchers and sailors is Oregon’s Willamette River Watershed. This remote location is only about two hours north of Portland and offers some of the best opportunities for whale watching in Southern California. There are only three known breeding places for Pacific humpback whales in the wild, so viewing them here is a once in a lifetime experience for many. The waters are also home to some of the most diverse marine life you will ever see. Humpback whales, gray whales, grey and blue whales, porpoises and many other species call the waters of Oregon’s Willamette River Watershed home.

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