When Do the Humpback Whales Arrive in Hawaii?

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humpback whales make their yearly trip down to Hawaii between the weeks of November to April ( whale season), and so the Big Island is popular of the Hawaiian Islands to visit them! Other good islands for whale watching in the Hawaiian Islands are Kauai, Oahu, and Maui. The best time to visit these islands with whales is from early May to late June. There is also another whale sanctuary in Maui for humpback whales during this time period.

when do the humpback whales arrive in hawaii

Another popular spot in the Hawaiian Islands that is whale watching is the Ka’eleku beach in Na Pali. This beach has a very low tide draw, so you will be able to see whales from this location. This is a great place to go whale watching without boats. A great part of this beach is that it is right next to a sanctuary ocean count, which helps researchers to track whales and their behavior.

Humpback whales have been known to travel all the way up the West Coast to Hawaii. One of the places you will want to check out when trying to find out when the humpback whales may arrive in Hawaii is Pearl Harbor. The best time to visit Pearl Harbor is in November, April, or July. When you go up-close and personal with these majestic creatures, you will not believe your eyes! At about thirty-five feet, you will be able to see the eye rims, the body, and the tail.

Another popular area to observe whales during the months of January and February are Diamond Head, Maui, and Oahu. These places get the highest whale sightings of all the months of the year. These areas of the islands can offer you the chance to swim with the whales, but they also offer you the chance to watch them feeding time. The best time to observe whales in these locations is early morning on Saturday afternoons. However, the best time for all other whale sightings is in the month of march, April, and June.

The months of July and August can provide excellent whale watching opportunities when you choose to be away from the islands for a while. There are many boats available for the whale watching enthusiasts in the summer months. Because the water temperatures are warm enough to support the migration, whales often come together to feed. Some of the popular places to see whales in the summer months include Diamond Head, Maui, and Oahu.

When the winter months begin to roll around and it is time to prepare and head back to Hawaii for another summer, there are still plenty of whale-watching opportunities available in the form of boat tours. There are many great places to go to enjoy some time on the water, including Pearl Harbor on Oahu or Waikiki. If you are interested in going to the islands again in the fall, Hawaii has many wonderful guided nature and marine tours available. Many of these tours will take participants deep into the waters to view the marine mammals. As the weather turns cold and the sea begins to chill, these guided tours will make the most of their surroundings and take visitors deeper into the cool waters of Hawaii.

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