When Do the Humpback Whales Arrive in Hawaii?

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when do the humpback whales arrive in hawaii

When Do the Humpback Whales Arrive in Hawaii?

As the months of July and August approach, thrill-seeking thrill seekers from all around the world prepare to discover one of the most exciting annual experiences in Hawaii. The humpback whales ( whales which are closely related to the killer whales) make their long journey from Alaska to Hawaii each year to nest. While many people focus on the journey of these majestic creatures, few are aware that the arrival of these whales is also a great opportunity for whale watching enthusiasts from all over the world. When do the humpback whales arrive in Hawaii? That’s the question you’ll want to ask, because it will give you a greater opportunity to see these magnificent sea creatures up close.

The journey of the whales doesn’t start in Alaska, or even in Hawaii. It starts off from Australia, where the whales have been living for centuries. If you are willing to make the trip across the seas to get a look at these amazing sea mammals, you should be prepared for one of the best whale watching experiences of your life! Although the journey of whales may seem extremely long, it really isn’t, as you can experience the journey from start to finish within just a couple of days.

One of the most popular locations for viewing these amazing sea creatures is the Oahu whale watch cruise in Hawaii. There are a number of great options for seeing the whales up close and personal. Most tourists prefer to go on a cruise to Oahu, but if you are planning a trip to the islands there are a variety of options for whale watching, including the option of stopping by the Humpback Wharf Marine Reserve and seeing the whales up close. Another option is to rent a boat and charter it for a whale watching expedition of your own. This is a popular option with the large number of people who like to take advantage of the opportunities offered by taking a boat to Oahu.

The best time to witness the majestic creatures up close and personal is during their migration season, which can be between June and November. The waters off Oahu are so warm that the whales can be seen from shore during this time. As the whales travel south they will be nearer the coast of the islands. When do the humpback whales arrive in Hawaii? Every year in June the whales begin their long journey out of the ocean and into the Hawaiian Island’s warm waters.

Unfortunately, whales do not come around every year. However, they do come back each July, as well as a few other times throughout the year. During the July trip visitors have the opportunity to watch the babies being born, as well as the mothers with their calves.

If you have never been on a whale watching cruise then you should consider it. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many are eager to get away from. Not only does whale watching provide breathtaking views of these magnificent creatures, it also allows visitors to participate in one of nature’s favorite activities, which is to watch the wonderful colors of the sea.

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