What’s Involved With the Blue Whale Environment?

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What is so special about the blue whales environment? Well the blue whales habitat is actually the open sea. The blue whales ocean is actually the vast warm ocean floor. To maintain warm at the warm ocean bottom the blue whale has a thick layer of blubber which makes it virtually impossible to dive into the water.

blue whales environment

However the warm ocean bottom is also the reason why whales can survive for so long in such great temperatures. The blubber coats the animal and makes it very difficult for surface contaminants to get near the animal. The fact that the average blue whale weighs about two hundred tons also helps the animal to live in this environment. If you were to compare the weight of a house cat and the weight of a blue whale you would realize how big the animal is. Now once you factor in the fact that whales are considered to be amongst the slowest moving creatures on earth you begin to see how this blue whale’s environment has created the need to protect it from climate change.

The blubber coat is actually a kind of chemical repellent for the water and the warmer temperatures the less chance the animal has to dive to the warmest parts of the ocean to seek out food. The open ocean is indeed a very unique place with different things living in it. For example the water contains very low levels of oxygen and so does the atmosphere. Now this creates a very unique environment that even the blue whales environment must have created.

So in order to understand how blue whales live in their environment we need to look at how the blue whales environment works. The first thing we need to understand is that they hunt and feed at night when the air temperature becomes cooler. This means that they move further into the colder waters. What’s interesting about the Indian Ocean is that it actually has harbors where the blue whales can come close enough to come into contact with fishermen, but as long as they are keeping the harpooning ship away from the whales it doesn’t matter.

So how do the blue whales live in the Indian Ocean then? Well first of all they hunt in packs and they kill hundreds of animals every single day. However they also have what is called “pods” which they use to cook the meat. These are essentially large pots of fish or whatever they are hunting that they want to cook and keep warm. This is how the blue whales environment keeps them warm while they are hunting.

The only problem is that they are so far apart that they don’t see each other. To solve this problem the scientists actually started breeding one of these whales along with the common krill. They call them the blue whales along with the common krill to help them get used to each other and the waters that they would be living in. It is interesting to note that they seem to be getting along just fine and it is even believed that they are becoming too good at fishing due to their success in breeding so many of these creatures. However it is still unknown if these blue whales will be able to take over the harbors anytime soon.

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