What Do the Japanese Use Whales For?

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Many people are surprised when they learn what the Japanese use whales for. The Japanese refer to the animal as ‘Kabuterimono,’ which means ‘Whales that feed on the whales.’ It is not entirely uncommon for the Japanese to call the creatures by other names, such as ‘Kamana’ (a type of fish) or ‘Mabari,’ meaning ‘Old Stone.’ These names were given so that the reader would not get the wrong impression that the animals were actually related to birds or crabs. In fact, the Japanese refer to the animal only as ‘Kabuterimono.’ The name is derived from the word’Kabuteri,’ which means old stone or rock.

what do the japanese use whales for

Historically, whales were hunted by pirates and whalers as a source of their protein. In modern times, whales are still taken advantage of by illegal fishermen who poach them for their meat. Because whales are extremely vulnerable to poachers, Japan has placed strict laws against anyone who hunts whales. Despite this law, many hunters are able to get away with their unlawful activities, as the law is rarely enforced. For this reason, whale-watching tours are becoming increasingly popular in Japan. A whale watching tour is a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful marine diversity found in the country.

One of the most popular tours offered in Japan is to watch the whales feed. Hundreds of eager participants line up at the edge of a fenced enclosure and peer over the bow of a ship to watch these amazing creatures come out of the water to catch fish, eat and breathe air. During the day, participants will be treated to breathtaking views of different phases of a whale’s life cycle. During the evenings, participants will be treated to whale songs and other natural occurring sounds of nature. The tour guides take special care to only let participants see certain parts of the whales’ body; to avoid disturbing the animals, the guides refrain from touching the sensitive flippers. It is truly an unforgettable experience!

Another popular activity tourists can partake in when in Japan is whale watching from the ocean itself. Hundreds of individual boats travel throughout the nation’s seas, looking for whales to watch with. Once they spot a whale, the boats will surround it and block out all other forms of light so that the whale can be seen clearly. You can witness the magical beauty of nature firsthand and learn what do the Japanese use whales for.

Japan is also famous for their love of all things natural. The country is a leader in eco-tourism and environmental protection around the world. Not only are they dedicated to preserving the natural phenomenon in their country, but they also encourage people from all over the world to protect the whales and their environment. As a result of their love of nature and natural phenomena, what do the japanese use whales for has become a popular topic at various conservation and nature programs around the world.

With their commitment to conservation and the protection of our marine ecosystem, what do the japanese use whales for is an interesting and educational subject for people of all ages. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Japan, don’t miss out on this opportunity to see one of the most incredible displays of nature on earth. And if you’re too busy to take a whale watching cruise, don’t worry: Japan offers plenty of other whale watching opportunities, as well as other natural wonders. No matter what your interests are, no matter what level of expertise you bring to the task, there’s a program for you that will provide you with what you need.

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