What Do Sperm Whales Eat?

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If you want to know what do sperm whales eat, then you have come to the right place. Sperm whales, which are also known as cetaceans, are by far the most common marine mammal. Sperm whales generally belong to the subfamily of balehasts, and they can be found off the coast of South America, Australia and New Zealand. Sperm whales have the smallest brain of all the animals, which makes them quite unique.

what do sperm whales eat

Sperm whales live in the warm, tropical ocean currents that exist along the shores of south America, near the equator. They are not fond of cold water, so they spend their days below the surface of the ocean, like fish. The food preferences of sperm whales vary greatly, they feed on a variety of different foods. They also hunt and feed on small, scavenging fish that pass by, as well as crabs and octopuses.

In the winter when the oceans are calmer, sperm whales hunt for prey using sonar. This is their primary way of hunting, they listen for soft to hard surfaces which are too smooth to reflect sonar. When they find this type of surface they will close the eyes and listen for as long as 10 seconds. When they hear the approaching sound of prey they raise their heads and look into the ocean where thousands of other whales will likely be searching for their dinner. At this point, these animals start to form hunting packs and begin hunting against each other.

Due to being the largest species of marine mammal, sperm whales are protected under the law of strict conservation status. This means that they are not hunted, and that no countries can interfere with their migratory patterns. However, in order for them to be able to breed, they need to be able to breed with at least two males. If one male impregnates a female with an egg then she will have to give birth to at least one baby which will not qualify under the strict conservation status guidelines.

Commercial whale watching tours of these massive marine mammals can be enjoyed from several different locations around the world. There are some areas in the Southern Hemisphere where the annual migration is most complete, while others do not see a single whale during the season. Depending on where you travel, you will likely find the best places to watch these amazing sea creatures.

As discussed above, sperm whales primarily eat meat. Their diets tend to consist of baleen, blubber, small fish, corals, sponges and sometimes snails. Although they can also consume carrion, it is not their favorite menu choice. From the great diet that they receive from their prey animals, it is obvious that these massive cetaceans take what they can from their environment and excel at what they do best which is feeding and breeding.

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