What Do Fins Whales Eat?

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What do finback whales eat? These great blue whales have long been mystery men, as nobody really knows much about their habits or their interactions with other marine animals. But in spite of this lack of knowledge the scientists have conducted a lot of research on the behavior and feeding habits of these unique creatures.

what do finback whales eat

Finches are probably one of the most popular species hunted by finback whales. These large predatory animals hunt grey whales, they sometimes go even beyond the territorial waters of Vancouver Island. The most common food source for finback whales and gray whales is minke whales. Humpback whales prefer Eudbuster minke whales for their meat. The average weight of finbacks is about 45 tons and they grow even larger.

What do these massive whales eat? Well it’s pretty simple they eat anything including smaller fish, squid, other whales, other fin whales, crustaceans and, you guessed it, sharks! Fin whales will even go after caribou, though rarely. The fin whale is known to hunt around the clock with their killer-like mouths!

You may be wondering what the big blue whale actually looks like? Well here’s a hint. The blue whale is as large as a football and as fast as a horse. It’s very rare to see a blue whale so if you ever do see one make sure you get as close as possible to the animal. If you want to know what do finback whales eat then you’ll definitely want to read on.

The diet of fin whales has been studied in laboratories for years and the information they gather from feeding studies is published in journals. Interestingly the foods that they eat vary quite a bit depending on which season they are feeding. For example during the springtime when they are breeding the food they eat is much higher in fats and carbohydrates. This is because the airways open up to much more during this time and the metabolism is actually running at a high rate. In the fall when they are cruising along they feed a lot less and primarily eat foods that are rich in proteins.

So what do fin whale watching cruises tell us about what do fin whales eat? They eat almost everything including small fish, squids, crabs, crustaceans, sharks, other large fish and even cars! You thought the answer was sharks right? Wrong, this is still a very exciting subject and there are several websites you can visit to find out even more information.

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