What Are Some Common Whales Statistics?

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In the book “Killer whales: A brief history of Japan’s Whales” author Dr. Takashi Shimada describes the two different types of whales in Japanese waters, the blue and the grey. These two types are further split into three, the Minke (the smallest), the Humpback (also known as the Southern Right Whales) and the Ogon (or Southern Right Triangular Whales). These three differ from each other in appearance and breeding methods.

The Minke is often thought of as the smallest of the bunch, with a length of just over three meters and a weight of around thirty pounds. The average length and weight of sperm whales has been calculated at about sixteen tons and twenty two tons respectively. Their teeth are used to break down and extract food from smaller fish and other marine animals. The lower jaw acts as a highly evolved sixth sense, which helps them locate their prey, avoid danger and escape from predators. Apart from the lower jaw the other parts of their anatomy are similar to those of the sperm whale.

The Grey whales are the biggest of the three types of sperm whales and measure about forty three feet long and weigh nearly one hundred and sixty five tons. They have a longer tail than the other two sperm whales and their teeth are distinct, as well as their ears. Grey whales are also known for being aggressive and have a reputation as being killer whales. However, their reproductive rate is slower than that of spermaceti whales and they reproduce only once every twelve years. The reproduction rate of sperm whales is also known to differ depending on the abundance of food available.

The third type of whales to be discussed in this article is the Squid. Squid are small whales that have a reputation for being the most dangerous of all the species of whales. They are so small that only two people have been known to get close enough to one to actually walk up to the whale itself. This is one reason that researchers are so eager to learn more about the lives and behaviors of the Squid.

The third type of whales to be discussed here is the sperm whale. These are the largest among all the whales and can grow to lengths of over thirty feet. Sperm whales have a very long, lower jaw and their ears. These characteristics set them apart from any other known whale. Researchers estimate that sperm whales have lived in the ocean since the beginning of the earth.

As you can see, whales are some of the most popular animals in the world. Some of their personalities may even make for fascinating television shows. If you are interested in learning more about whales and what they do I suggest looking into the subject a little further. You can visit the website for the Seaquarium in Japan where you can view many of the incredible whale species that are featured there. If you are looking for information on how to take your wife to a dolphin watch cruise you can find all of the contact information for the tour guides that will best suit your needs.

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