Whales That Are Endangered Are Hopeing For a Second Chance

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It’s a very interesting topic that scientists all over the world are working together on to learn more about. Many people have different opinions on whales that are endangered. Some people feel that whales are intelligent and can live for hundreds of years if cared for properly. The other side of the argument thinks differently.

whales that are endangered

While whales are considered to be one of the most popular species among aquatic mammals, they are under close scrutiny by several countries who disapprove of commercial whaling. Although the International Whaling Commission approves of commercial whaling, there are many groups within the country that do not agree with this method of harvesting. Even though the whales help to teach children by performing live shows and teaching the youngsters how to care for the whales that are now endangered, whales should not actually be held in captivity as long as there is an ongoing problem with these animals. Whales are intelligent and can adapt to their new environment provided that the habitats and the food supply are adequate. In the past, some whales have been able to adapt to human habitat and even live up to a hundred years after being removed from their original areas of origin.

There are two specific types of whales that are protected within Australia, both of which produce an incredible amount of seafood. These species are the southern right whale, the Sydney Harbor killer whale and the Hector’s whale. They also both eat a very large variety of seafood including rock cod, small sardines, and of course, whale oil.

These particular orca whales can be found throughout Australia, even making up the largest collection of marine species on land. They can be found in every great white spot imaginable including the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, bays, ponds and estuaries. The orca whales travel for thousands of miles annually and may even be spotted off the coast of Western Australia. They are a very unique species that differ slightly from other whales in regard to how they travel, how long they spend out at sea, and in regards to their population level. There are a very few times that these whales make a full stopover, and they usually head back towards their breeding area.

When it comes to orca whales, Australia has a rich history with regards to them. The Australian fur trade was created by these gentle creatures that were also used for breeding purposes. A great deal of their territory is protected within Australia and they are hunted very rarely. This leaves them with one of the highest populations in the world, and as such, they are not only in the same category as the blue whale, but they are also home to a great variety of other marine species as well.

When you consider the fact that only twenty to twenty-five percent of whales live past their age in captivity, it is easy to see why so many are hoping to find animals like the orca whales. Their average lifespan is around fifteen years, making them one of the longer lived whale species. They are active swimmers, and breed throughout most of the year. It is estimated that they can live up to forty years in captivity, which makes them one of the most long lasting marine animals on earth.

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