Whales In Cancun

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whales in cancun

Whales In Cancun

Whale watching is a big deal in Mexico, and particularly in Cancun. The weather is perfect for whale watching in Cancun, and there are several popular viewing locations. One of those spots is Puerto Morelos, which is located right off the northern tip of the island. It has been a popular spot for tourists for years, and was even featured on a couple of episodes of television that I can remember as a kid. In the fall, it gets busy – with a lot of whales and dolphins visiting the lagoon to feed. So what should you pack when you go whale watching in Cancun?

There are two main whale watching destinations in Cancun: Puerto Morelos and Tulum. Both offer plenty of excitement, and many whale sighting reports have been reported here. However, Puerto Morelos is the more popular of the two.

It is also the site of one of the most popular marine attractions in Cancun – the San Miguel National Park. San Miguel National Park is actually a World Heritage Site, thanks to the fact that it is the only area in Cancun that is protected solely for the conservation of whales and dolphins. If you’re planning to go whales in cancun, then the first stop should be San Miguel. You’ll definitely want to take a boat tour around the entire park, as well as encounter the whales and dolphins themselves. After visiting the park, you can visit Chichen Itza, Mexico’s oldest and largest Island.

Just down the road from San Miguel, you can go see the Tulum whaling station, where many humpback whales call home. Unlike in Puerto Morelos, Tulum is open to the public, although only a few boats will make it to the island at any given time. In fact, the whale watching season runs during the months of June to September. Even though it is open to visitors, the Tulum tour is not included with your snorkeling or diving package.

One other top attraction in Cancun for whales and dolphins is the stunning Natural Bridge on Cancun Island. The Natural Bridge is made of white sand and it extends over twenty-five feet into the Caribbean Ocean. Along its path, you will find the marina, where you can hire boats and jet skis to explore the underwater world of Cancun. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a school of guahua or dolphin. For those who prefer a closer encounter, head to Tulum and hike the winding roads through white ochre forests. On your way, make sure to hike to the top of the volcanic mountain, which overlooks Cancun Bay.

The aforementioned are just a few of the top whale watching spots that are available to visitors in Cancun, Mexico. Other popular spots include Punta Umbria National Park, Lucayan National Park, Los Molinos National Park, Tulum and the Caribbean Sea. Whales in Cancun are definitely a sight to behold and a unforgettable experience for any visitor to the region.

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