Whales Charity Is Guilty Of silence On Whale Hunting; “Nonsense” Of Falsehoods

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“There’s a whale on the iceberg” is a line from a movie called Jaws, and it has become a very familiar phrase among those who love to watch the ocean’s great white creatures. The movie captivated audiences worldwide and inspired the 1980 movie sequel, Jaws 3. But what did you actually see in the first film? Well, judging by the box office success of the sequel, there are a lot more hungry monsters under the water than in the first Jaws!

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So if you have been disturbed by one of the many hunts for whales that take place each year, or have witnessed one being attacked, you should know that these hunts will often last for several hours, sometimes more. The hunts are designed to last for just one hour and forty-five minutes at a time, but that is far too long to wait for. It is important to intervene, and to do it right away. That is why there is a special whale protection organisation, the W.P. Whales Trust, which operates rescue missions out of New Zealand, even operating boats outfitted with the latest technology to help save whales and even support hunts conducted by conservation groups.

If you would like to help save whales, and to see them in the wild again, using the correct terminology when reporting the hunt is a must. You can’t call the local marine mammal research centre anytime you want, you can’t call the Department of Conservation when you want to explain what you saw. In the movie, the character played by Jason Statham calls the main office of W.P. Whales on the radio, but he is not only talking to the station, he is calling conservation groups too.

That is because Statham never saw the original attack on the whales. He made up the story to make himself useful in the film, but the real event took place eight hours ago. A real live pod of whales was attacked by a large underwater predator, a great white shark. The pod managed to get away from the shark and warn others of the danger, but unfortunately the great white was able to close in and grab one of the escapees. Now the rest of the pod has been wiped out, and the one survivor is a small baby, only ten months old.

Now we know that whales do suffer when they are hunted, but there is more that should be done to protect them. After all, they are being killed for nothing. They are being slaughtered for sport, and the people who are involved in the hunt have no concern for the welfare of these animals. At the same time, no one is defending the whales that are in danger from hunters, when they come into contact with one of the whaling ships. This is a complete hypocrisy, and no one is protecting the whales when they allow hunting to take place at sea.

The reason that this needs to be stopped is because it is wrong. It is wrong to use words like ”narcoleptic” and ”incidental.” The fact that the sentence sounds like an idiot’s definition of an intelligent statement does not change the fact that it is wrong. There is nothing wrong with a conservation society protecting the whales, when they face the prospect of being harmed. When you use words like ”incidental” and ”unauthoritative” in reference to the whaling ship captain, you are condoning this behavior, and you are also guilty of silence.

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