Whales Are Going Extinct?

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There are a great many theories out there on the subject of how did whales become extinct. Some scientists believe that it was due to humans killing them or perhaps that they were contaminated with toxic waste from factories. There is evidence that suggests that whales had been around for several million years prior to the first traces of whaling ships. During the time when whaling was most prevalent, around the 14th century, there are writings and references that mention whales. These references seem to indicate that whales used to be very abundant and there are even references in ancient mythology. Even before the start of whaling, whales were known to be extremely large creatures that could be over 100 feet long.

are whales going extinct

One of the theories on why whales have become extinct is because of overfishing. Whales are solitary animals that like to feed in group settings. The large numbers of whales killed by whaling companies throughout the centuries lead to them becoming vulnerable and losing their migratory patterns. It is possible that as a result of too many whales being killed that the food supply for them was depleted leading to their decline in numbers. If the food supply for the whales was indeed depleted and they began to die, it could have been caused by malnutrition and disease.

Another theory on why whales have become extinct in the past is due to global warming. Global warming has led to the shrinking of the ice sheets in the Arctic and the polar bears have become endangered in the last several years. Another theory on why whales have become extinct in recent times is that the ocean levels are rising due to the melting of the polar ice sheets. This is leading to massive increases in sea level which will eventually cause the ocean to rise up and submerge land areas which previously were suitable for the existence of marine life. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are wondering if the extinction of the blue whales will occur in the near future.

One theory on why the sentence “Whales are going extinct” is being written about right now is due to the idea that the sentence sounds like a sentence that was written recently. The sentence “Whales are going extinct” can be considered as a modern day sentence because the idea came into the public’s consciousness only recently. Another theory on why whales are going extinct is because of the pollution in the ocean. There is an increasing amount of pollution in the ocean due to the excessive fishing efforts that are being made today. This is leading to all types of contaminants in the ocean and this is leading to a decline in the number of species of whales which exist in the oceans.

An example of the theory that says “Whales are going extinct” would be the sentence “The Cetacean Species which exist in this World Ocean are Extinct!” This is written as the sentence “Whales are extinct, the number of whales have decreased over the last nine hours!” This type of sentence is written as if it was written six or seven years ago, but it is actually written as if it was written six or seven days ago. It is very difficult to write anything on paper that has already been written so the probability of something being written recently is extremely slim. It also would be impossible for something to be written in a format that is not understood by most people today. Most people who attempt to write something on paper will not be able to understand it unless they take the time to read it.

One final argument that says “Whales are going extinct” is that because of the whaling industry in Japan. The industry for whaling has been decreasing in Japan over the last twenty years because of stricter laws put in place by the government in Japan that prohibit whaling. In many places around the world there are whales that are being hunted for their meat. Even with the countries that do not sport whaling activities there are still many places around the world that the whale’s population is being decimated and this is leading to the whales becoming extinct in those areas. No one knows exactly how close they are to becoming extinct in the area where they are born, however it is safe to assume that they are not in massive numbers and there are enough of them to be taken care of in order for them to remain in the Earth for future generations.

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