Whale Watching Tours In Puget Sound

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whales in the puget sound

Whale Watching Tours In Puget Sound

It seems that everywhere you look in Puget Sound the whales are crying out in pain and distress. What’s worse is that they seem to be getting even less attention than they receive from humans. The first time I heard of whales in the Puget Sound was when I was walking through Monterey Bay watching the dolphins. It was a beautiful day, but it was also during one of their mating seasons, which were very full of activity. This was the same time when two or more humpback whales became involved in what came to be known as the ‘Puget Slaughter’.

For many years scientists have speculated that the reason for this mass killing was because the sea lions became confused and frightened by the large number of sperm whales in the area, as well as the fact that two pods of whales began fighting and ramming into each other – an event not seen regularly at that time. While all other whales in the area are suffering from this dilemma, the worst hit by the shortage of food are the steller sea lions, which are also known as the killer whales. They are actually in the dolphin species family, but their population has decreased recently due to a lack of prey. Their usual food sources have also become rarer, newborn babies are struggling to survive, and generally the overall health of the whales has declined dramatically.

A quick look around shows that the seaway islands off Washington State are also experiencing whales in the Puget Sound. Many of these islands were once home to great populations of Killer Whales and Dolphin, but when the sea lion population became too large, seals were forced in to take their place. Seals have a very strong sense of smell, and often try to attack other seals that come too near. This means that the numbers of spotted whales in the area has drastically increased in recent years, and researchers believe that they are seeing seals and even pregnant whales. Even if the number of spotted whales has slightly declined since the turn of the century, it is still higher than it was even just a few short years ago.

While the increase in population of spotted whales in the Puget Sound is certainly concerning the scientific community, it does not mean that the sighting of whales is without significance. Many scientists believe that whales help to keep the balance of nature in the ecosystem, by regulating the levels of oxygen and other elements in the water. If you plan to go whale watching tour in Puget Sound, you should be aware that humpback whales are among the most popular species spotted here. These majestic animals are often accompanied by hundreds of smaller whales and dolphins – all of which play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem.

Another interesting fact about whales that might interest you is that they use their pectoral flippers to give birth. In fact, a recent study found that these animals give birth on land as well as in the water, using their flippers to propel themselves forward. Because of their large size, these mammals are capable of swimming for several hours without stopping, which is what makes them unique among mammals. For people who like to watch whales up close, you will find that Puget Sound is among the best places in Puget Sound to view whales giving birth.

As you can see, whales in the Puget Sound area are quite magical. There are over eighty species of whales that call this area home, and there are many different species that give birth in this area each year. You can get an amazing view of these magnificent creatures from a Puget Sound whale watching tour, which usually run from late May through mid-Monday, depending on the season. If you are going to be in Puget Sound on Friday, then you will be able to take advantage of these special tours as well.

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