Whale Watching in Iceland

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Whale Watching in Iceland

The whales of Iceland are a symbol of the unique species of whales that call this Iceland home. At the Reykjavik Museum, you can see all three varieties of whales – the blue, the fin and the black. In June every year, from the time of the Iceland tour, visitors can see the whales in the Ice. This is an educational exhibition devoted to local marine life, complete with life-size models & exciting interactive features. A visit to the museum is guaranteed to be a fantastic experience for the whole family! Even if you don’t join the excursion, it’s still possible to learn more about the fascinating whales of Iceland.

The Whale Family Theme Park in Iceland is a great place to go if you’re interested in learning more about whales or just want to have fun yourself on your trip. If you hire a reykjavik trip advisor you can gain a much deeper insight into this interesting ecosystem and discover what makes each species so unique. You’ll learn about their origins, how to cope with their social behaviors and food-chains, the type of prey they hunt and much more.

The Reykjavik Ice Festival is Iceland’s most important summer festival. It runs for nine weeks and visitors can enjoy entertainment, sports and workshops in addition to the whale viewing. During the festival you can participate in activities such as water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, laser and ice fishing. Adults and children are welcome to attend the events and take part in the workshops. Many companies offer special tours of the Iceland region and the whales of Iceland.

The best time to visit Iceland is from May until September when the whales and the geothermal heat are at their greatest. This is the optimum migration period and you won’t find them far away. So, you can make the best of your trip by booking the trip in advance and preparing your itinerary properly. Make sure that you get a full day or two in Iceland to explore all its wonders. If you’re a wildlife lover, you will find whale watching and travelling in Iceland very exciting and fulfilling.

While in Reykjavik, you can also try to experience the region’s premier museums including the Institute of Natural History, the Academy of Cultural Arts and Sciences and the National Museum. There are many fascinating exhibitions inside the Museum of Ice and Earth. The seals at the Blue Lagoon whale watching tour and the underwater sounds experienced during your Iceland travel will amaze you. Attractions like the Whales of Iceland on the Iceland Iceberg can’t be missed either.

If you’re a nature lover and want to experience the authentic life in Iceland, you should go on a whale watching expedition in the waters around Rokkakau Island. The Rokkakau is the largest of all the Islands and has plenty of opportunity for you to watch whales from a comfortable and secure position. You can also go on an eco-tour with the aim of observing the migratory route of the whales. This is an excellent way to learn about nature and learn about the Iceland flora and fauna.

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