Whale Watching Excursion to Hire The Thrill

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One of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean is the place that offers whales in Samana – a great destination in order to enjoy whales in St. Lucia. The largest of the five Caribbean Islands it is a natural haven for whales and people who love whales. The beautiful Caribbean coast line and numerous bays make it an unforgettable experience. In order to see whales in Samana the first thing you need to do is to get here.

The Samana Bay is among the largest estuary in the Caribbean and it’s also an important breeding habitat for humpback whales (as whales can usually be found only in February and March; subject to the mood of whales:)). It has got plenty of room for whales and you can easily reach it by boat or car. A ride along the coast line with whales and dolphins is a unique experience and the warm waters of the Caribbean are perfect for whale watching tours. For those who like a more personal encounter, there are several opportunities to get close to the whales and even to touch them; some of them may even come close to shore during warm waters and feed the calves.

Even if whales in samana do not come close to the surface every year (which would be a very rare event), the water around the island is still teeming with life, with a lot of marine life. There are over 400 species of whales in the region and more are being discovered each year, so you should take your time to explore them. You should definitely go on whale watching cruises, which sail out from the Grand Argyll settlement every year in March and April and return every year until next March. On these cruises you can expect to witness whales and dolphins as well as eagles, turtles, sea turtles, and tortoises. It’s a chance to give birth at sea, too, and some of the species even have their own baby whales that can be seen on the tours.

A good thing about a whale watching excursion in samana bay is that most of the activities are organized by the island’s operator, who also organizes other activities such as a visit to the marine park and a visit to the Whales National Park. The park is home to about 400 humpback whales and dolphins and several other varieties of marine life. The tours here begin in the morning and end at evening, so you can easily take a day off to do something else. Since most tours begin and end at the Grand Argyll Settlement, you will need a boat to get around, although you might be able to walk.

The food and entertainment options in the Grand Argyll settlement itself are top notch, but if you’re planning on a repeat samana bay excursion, consider taking your family to one of Samana’s sister islands, namely Hvalurf Island or Vembanad Island. Both of these offer more whale watching opportunities, but they also feature traditional lunch and dinner options made from local ingredients. For example, you can have a traditional salmon meal followed by dancing in the night-long light shows. If you prefer, you can simply sit around the fire and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Whales in Samana Bay are not only interesting to watch, but they are also home to a diverse population of marine life. There are no special laws or regulations governing whale watching excursions in Samana Bay, so you can enjoy the thrill of finding the great whales among the warm waters without worrying about the risks of being caught by the local fisheries. However, you should be aware that due to the large number of humpback whales and dolphins living in the area, whales are sometimes prone to attack by other animals. So you should wear your diving gear and make sure that you follow certain protocol when close to any of the whales in the area. After all, Samana Bay is known as one of the most popular places in the world for whale watching excursions, so don’t forget to check it out!

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