US Whales – What Are US Whales?

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US whales ( whales) are a fascinating species. There are eight known species of whales, and they are the second largest species of aquatic mammal in the world. There are two subspecies of whales: the Eastern Longstrum and the Southern Right Whales. The Eastern Longstrum is the smallest with a population of less than twenty pairs and the Southern Right is the largest with a population of more than eight thousand pairs. US whales live in the coastal areas along the shores of the New England and Atlantic coasts. Here are some of the facts about US whales.

us whales

The sperm of these mammals is extremely light and they move very slowly. It takes twenty-five minutes for a sperm to reach the mouth of the ocean for the giant squid to fertilize the egg. In comparison, whales swim at speeds of nine miles per hour. The sperm must be big enough to propel the whale through the water against the current of the ocean to reach the egg.

The commonest pod among US whales is the C whale. The other most frequent pods are theoffshore pack, the almes whales, the adirondack killer whales and the Mexican gray whales. Cetacea or the common dolphin pod can be seen frequently off the east coast of Virginia. This pod consists of twenty-three members including six bottlenose dolphins and one little dolphin. The pod is only able to swim at speeds of seven kilometers per hour.

The pod Hunting whales are the most numerous in this group and they breed off the Cape Hatteras of North Carolina. This pod can be seen frequently close to beaches and harbors where whales travel. These whales travel in pods called pods and hunting whales follow the pods. The hunts can last for several days and sometimes longer.

The Humpback, Orca, Blue, and Minke whales are the smallest. They can reach a length of less than forty seven inches. They live in colder regions like the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic regions and they can be seen frequently off shore. Humpbacks, in particular, travel in long tracks that look like highways for whales.

The Southern California whales are the biggest in this category. They can grow to forty seven inches but they remain much less aggressive than Humpback and Orca whales. They spend much of their time off the coast of Santa Barbara. Southern California whales are pod hunting and most of the time travel in long tracks.

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