University of New South Wales – Australia’s Natural Wonder

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The University of New South Wales is an Australian university located in Sydney, New South Wales. It is part of the cluster of eight such colleges which constitute the group of six universities collectively known as the University of Sydney. It is currently one of twenty-four in Australia’s leading academic organisations, along with the University of Melbourne and Deakin University.

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The campus of the University of New South Wales was established almost fifty years ago. At that time, the University was established as a body of three hundred and sixty-five acres and was funded through both governmental and private means. It soon became the largest of all the colleges in the country. It has grown since then to nearly five thousand acres today. Today, it houses some two hundred and seventy academic departments and over one hundred undergraduate and post graduate departments as well. In addition, the University has over four hundred student residences.

The University has achieved many notable advances in recent years. For example, they have built on the past achievements by the university by including more disciplines into their curriculum. They have also made efforts to ensure the quality of education they provide. In this regard, they offer over eighty different programs in their various departments. A very important aspect of the New South Wales education system is the involvement of the local and international community.

One of the major achievements of the New South Wales government is the establishment of the whale watching program off the coast of Sydney. This program is a joint effort between the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Department of the Prime Minister and the Department of Education and Training. The purpose of this endeavor was to observe and record marine life and give useful information to future generations about the lives of whales. It also hopes to increase knowledge about the endangered whales in the area.

The University of New South Wales has invested a lot of funds into other endeavors. Their research arm, the Centre for Marine Science and Technology has received over forty thousand dollars in funding. Much of this money has been used to expand the current whale research center. Other research centers at the New South Wales university include the National Museum of New South Wales. There, visitors are able to view and learn about the many types of animals, plants and reptiles that can be found only in New South Wales.

It must be noted that one of the most popular aspects of the whales at the New South Wales university is their dolphin experience. On a typical day, visitors will see a number of small orca whales giving feeding calls as they pass by. The Dolphin Encounter provides safe, secure encounters for children and families with dolphins from all around the world. Even though it takes place only at the university, it is well worth a visit if you happen to travel to Sydney at any time during the year.

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