Toothed Whales Make Beautiful Pets

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In the early Cretan period, whales were hunted by men and women as well as by machines. Their meat was considered so valuable that only wealthy families had them. It was not until the later ages of the Common Era that their value decreased to that of seals and birds. It was not until the nineteenth century that whales started being recognized as blue whales (which, by the way, are a different color than blue) and as baleen whales.

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There are many varieties of whales fish, and in North America, we have four types of whales: the Humpback, Blue, and Minke. Humpback is the largest in regard to total length. A single female humpback can weigh up to one ton! Males are slightly smaller than females, with an average length of around nine feet. Some species of whales are known for their unusually large bodies, with a single whale of around two hundred tons being considered obese.

The common misconception about whales is that they are only found in cold, open ocean areas. This is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, whales are quite capable of moving in water, as long as it is warm enough for them to survive. However, due to their extremely small size, when they do come to the surface of the water, they cannot breathe properly and become tired quickly. Therefore, while blue whales, humpback whales, and bottlenose whales can be found all over the world, they are the most prevalent in colder regions.

While not nearly as plentiful as the other species, toothed whales are by far the most abundant of all whales. They are also, perhaps, the sexiest. Toothed whales tend to be light-bodied, with broad, flat faces and prominent, set lips. They are most commonly brown in color, although they can also be a brilliant blue or grey.

Although toothed whales are the sexiest, they are far from the smallest. These animals may measure up to forty feet long, with a massive size factor of around three hundred pounds. Some toothed whales may only reach a weight of twelve pounds, while other breeds may weigh in the hundreds of pounds. In terms of their vocalization, toothed whales tend to produce a soft, low, almost purring sound. Blue whales, on the other hand, produce a deep, booming, roaring sound.

Whales make one of the most distinctive and fascinating species of marine mammals. Although not known for their ability to take a bath, they enjoy going swimming. They have a highly developed sense of smell, which helps them to locate food and other whales in open water. If you are planning a trip to the ocean, you might consider bringing some toothed whales – there really is nothing like it!

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