Thrill-Free Kayak Trips With Whales

kayak with whales

Thrill-Free Kayak Trips With Whales

If you are planning a kayaking adventure in Alaska’s waters, the islands of Whalesback, Baffinland and Chugach may be appealing to you. The islands provide a unique kayaking experience with whales that are seldom to be found anywhere else. They are a very unique form of wildlife with the ability to interact with their human companions. Whether you intend to kayak with whales for just an afternoon or a week-long trip, there are a few guidelines that can help to make your Alaska kayaking adventure one you will never forget.

Before taking on the challenge of kayaking with whales, prepare to spend a good portion of your time in kayak consulting with a professional guide or hiring one. These knowledgeable guides will tell you where the whales are, what their habits are and how to best approach them. This can include learning about their habits such as how they feed, where they go off to lay their eggs and their migration patterns. This information allows you to plan your kayaking excursions so you get the most out of it while spending the least amount of time in the water. In addition, these guides also help to familiarize you with the area’s wildlife and how it can be beneficial to observe it from the shore.

The first half of the day begins at the Cape Spencer area where the weather is warmer and the water is warmer. You will need to rent a kayak from Sea Kayaking of Alaska, or use one of their expertly trained kayaks. At approximately seven and a half nautical miles, the water taxi arrives to take you out into the waters of Whalesback. From this point, the two hour long excursion comes to an end.

The second half of the day begins at the Baffinland Research Center for Whale Encounters where you will have two opportunities to engage in a one-on-one whale encounters with the whales. Depending on which company you choose to rent your paddleboard from, you may have up to three opportunities to make whale encounters. There are also opportunities to watch a pod of killer whales feed from the shore.

Chichagof Island also makes an excellent location to experience the thrill of kayaking with whales. Chichagof Island is a popular destination for those who enjoy paddling and kayaking in the Alaskan waters. If you book your trip to this area using a company that specializes in wildlife trips, you can expect to see a variety of marine wildlife including sea lions, beluga whales, goldfish, seals, and numerous species of birds. Chichagof Island also has a dolphin encounter program for people who want to interact with dolphins while kayaking in the Bering Sea. At about nine nautical miles, the kayak group leaves Chichagof Island and paddles out into open sea.

In addition to experiencing the thrill of kayak trips with whales, participants can expect a great deal of adventure. Many of the kayak tours include opportunities to explore the local economy. Kayaking adventurers can shop at souvenir shops, engage in local sports such as kayak sailing and kayak fishing, take a trip to a local fishing village, or just hang out on the boat. Because Chichagof Island is on the Alaskan continental shelves, sea lions are regularly seen, and rare predatory birds such as the snowy owl are seen from time to time.