The Fascinating Facts About Whales

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The Fascinating Facts About Whales

If you are interested in whales and what they do, you will want to read this article. This article will give you facts about whales that kids should know. By reading this article, your kids will know the different types of whales, their names and how much they are related to dolphins. After reading this article, your kids will understand the behavior and characteristics of whales and what makes them unique.

Facts about Whales for Children. There are nearly 80 different species of whales. Whales are believed to be among the most intelligent mammals on Earth. Whales can communicate with each other through small whales noises, chirps or squeaks.

The most popular whale species is the Blue Whale. In fact, only three of the known species are alive today. A little known fact about whales is that they use words to communicate. They use words like giggle, shout, yawn, shout, swim, play and sit. So if you tell your kids that whales use words, it will really make them want to know more about these amazing mammals.

You may also want to know that the largest animal on earth is the blue whales. They are the largest creatures alive that live in the ocean. They spend most of their day near the ocean surface feeding on small fish called cephalopods. Smaller whales like the easter whales also feed in the ocean; however, they are not as big as the blue whales.

Another fact about whales is that they have evolved into such huge creatures by the use of blowholes in their habitat. Blowholes allow whales to dive to great depths where they can breathe in oxygen very efficiently. These deep waters also provide whales with a place to sleep. Interestingly, whales also use blowholes to breathe when they are going to dive to the ocean’s depths.

Finally, one of the most interesting and popular fun whale facts is that they are warm-blooded. This means that they must stay warm in order to survive. Warm-blooded animals do not go directly from the cold to the hot. If they get too hot, they die because their body cannot maintain its temperature.

It is not a secret that blue whales are the largest fish in the world. In fact, they are bigger than the State of California! Blue whales, along with their close cousin the finback, are the only species that is represented by a single species – Humpback. In fact, only whales and dolphins are the only animals with genitalia (genitalia consisting of “ectopia” or covering the vagina and anal area).

For your information, whales and killer whales are not the same animal. Although they may look similar, there is a difference between killer whales and killer sharks. Killer whales, which are more than 8 feet long, are the biggest carnivores in the ocean. They can swallow a whole hunk of meat in just one bite!

There you have it! Some of the best whale facts you will ever learn about these massive creatures. Now that you know how they live, breathe, hunt, and kill, you will probably want to hunt one for yourself. The next time you head out on a vacation, remember to bring along this information, and a camera! You won’t be disappointed by the results – including the fact that you will have a better chance of catching the rarest and most interesting animals on your next trip out at sea!

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