The Best Time to See Whales

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The Best Time to See Whales

Seeing whales off the coast of Alaska is an experience that few people ever forget. It’s not so much that the journey itself is exciting, because seeing whales is a remarkable experience that few people ever forget. But it’s the thrill of the hunt that really makes it an unforgettable experience for many people. Prior to your expedition, you will want to think about what kinds of whales you’re interested in catching sight of, where the good spots in Alaska are to watch them, how long an outing from a boat will take you, and just what you should make it out to as enjoyable as possible.

One of the first things you must know is what the best time for seeing whales in Alaska is. While some people claim to have seen the elusive blue whale during the months of August and September, most sightings are actually seen during the months of June and July. The best time for spotting whales in Alaska, according to marine wildlife experts, is from June to July, when the waters are warmest. During this time, the whales are out on the open sea, searching for their next meal, feeding primarily on large fish such as halibut, which are abundant in the area.

Once the waters have warmed enough to support whale watching, many whale watching tours leave their boats at certain times of the year. There are several tour companies that leave their boats in designated areas of Alaska, leaving behind signage that advertises when they’ll be departing for their whale watching expeditions. You don’t have to worry about getting lost on your trip if you know the time your cruise will depart, because most cruise lines have detailed maps of the various natural habitats of the Alaskan coastline. If you go on a boat cruise during the months of peak whale watching, you won’t have to worry about getting lost; you can just sit back and enjoy the wonders of nature up close. This is one of the biggest reasons people choose to take a boat cruise to see whales in Alaska: it’s an experience that’s unique compared to traveling in more conventional ways.

Another reason why people take a cruise to see whales in Alaska is that the weather is perfect for whale watching. There is not the cold that can often be found in other parts of the country, and because the waters are warmer, seeing grey whales is easier than with other types of marine mammals. Gray whales are among the largest marine animals, stretching over 100 feet in length. Because they spend most of their time in the Arctic Ocean, seeing them up close is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

One of the most popular tours to bring tourists on a cruise to see whales in Alaska is the Wilderness Encounter excursion. This excursion departs from Vancouver, British Columbia, and heads into the Alaskan wilderness. The boat docks at remote locations along the Alaskan coast, where you’ll get the chance to view a variety of wildlife, including sea lions, rare salmon, and wild dolphins. This excursion is the best time of year to watch whales, as the annual migration is occurring at this time.

If the weather is good for cruising in Alaska, then the South Fork Salmon fishing excursion is highly recommended. The trip depart from Vancouver and go to Grasmere, a village on the South Fork of the Alaskan glacier. Here, the crew will show you the best spots to catch big salmon. You’ll then head back to Vancouver, where your cruise ship docks. For whale sighting and fishing adventures at its best, this excursion is highly recommended.

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