Take a Dive Into the World of Whales

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Take a Dive Into the World of Whales

The adventures and beauty of whales divers will leave you breathless. These magnificent creatures can be seen from the calm blue water of Alaska, from the Gulf of Mexico on the East Coast to the Gulf of Thailand on the West Coast, and even from the Black Sea on the Eastern Seaboard. There are many whales to cruise or dive with, and you are sure to enjoy every minute of it.

Even if you don’t want to venture out alone whales divers will offer some excitement that is unmatched anywhere else. There are so many different types of whales, all unique in their own way, that you will never be bored. Some of the most famous varieties include the pilot whales, pod whales, calf whales and the more docile killer whales. In many parts of the world whales are hunted for their meat which is eaten by man. These magnificent creatures are a symbol of the uniqueness found in every part of the world.

Another aspect of whales that everyone should explore is their homes. When you see a group of whales next to a group of dolphins they are giving you an indication of what homes life was like for these animals millions of years ago. The houses of whales are beautiful but surprisingly still very intact. They have taken care of their young, and continue to do so today.

If you like to think of whales as being beautiful and unique you should have a close encounter at least once. The gentle humping of a whale as it breathes its air into the water can be quite soothing. They also make incredible sounds that are truly astounding. Watching a whale give a belly rub is like hearing music. You are taken completely out of yourself as the whale gently rubs your back.

Most people have heard about the whales from the stories, books and even videos of them, but whales are not only known from stories. In fact the variety of whales is enormous. The world is home to two-toed whales, sperm whales, large whales such as sperm whales, humpback whales, blue whales, tropical whales, and even the majestic great white shark. There is no denying that whales are truly the most diverse of all ocean creatures.

In the recent past the world has been captivated by the story of sperm whales given birth in captivity. These babies lived for almost nine months, more than double the normal time span for such a large whale. This whale is one of only two to give birth this way and is one of only a few such instances in the history of whales. With their long backs, enormous wings, and curious eyes they are truly fascinating. The next time you are on the ocean take time to look around and you just might see one or more whales. As with any creature new to your world, whales are here to stay.

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