Swimming With the Swimming Humpback Whales

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Australia has been one of the world leaders in whale watching over the years. In fact, the coastal town of Cairns is home to the largest population of whales out of all of the countries that make up the region. Unfortunately, whale populations have been threatened in recent years by a large albatross population that comes to the surface to feed every year. However, the local government is trying to change that by encouraging people to come and see these amazing sea creatures up close. The Australian government will be allowing travelers to swim with some of the most majestic and famous humpback whales in the World’s Heritate Site of Ningaloo Marine Park in from 2021 onwards, joining a very small group of locations worldwide that offer this opportunity to get close to this amazing animal.

swim humpback whales

There are three main types of humpback whales in Australia: pod hunting (for which they are often called “shark hunters”), swim hunting (when they hunt alone), and strand hunting (when they return to the ocean surface to mate and nurse their young). Each type of whale will offer a slightly different experience for the visitor. However, the main thing that can be said about each whale is that they are spectacular to watch. There is something spectacular about seeing such massive animals swimming the waters of Australia.

With almost 4 million individual humpback whales alive today, it is no surprise that there are so many different types of events where you can view them up close and personal. In addition to the popular swim clubs and resorts that feature the whales in their activities, there are also numerous tours that allow visitors to go out and snorkel with these amazing creatures. These tours often include swimming, feeding, and sometimes diving into the water for a closer look. Of course, the more experienced swimmer or diver will be able to dive and get a much closer look at the animals. Most tour boats offer a wide range of different adventures for visitors.

Probably one of the most exciting ways to experience the Australian wildlife is to do some research and participate in an actual expedition to see the whales up close. Many outfitters offer custom-designed tours to various locations where the humpback whale population is concentrated. These expeditions usually take participants to their favorite location and allow the participant to get a chance to observe the whales up close. On some excursions, participants are even allowed to try riding the whales! This experience provides the participant with a unique chance to observe one of the most majestic creatures on earth up close.

The best part about these excursions is that most involve swimming, diving, and the opportunity to feed the animals that are native to Australia. The ningaloo marine park is the perfect place for anyone who is interested in trying to swim and feed the whales. The park features a large variety of different species of fish and other ocean dwelling creatures. The marine park also features seals, which are very important to the marine ecosystem as they keep pests like scuba divers at bay. The park was created so that visitors can swim, dive, feed, and swim in one area, while experiencing all of the wonders of the Australian ocean.

Aside from the opportunity to swim with the whales, the marine park offers some of the best diving in Australia. In addition to snorkeling and seeing the variety of different coral formations, visitors can also go on a “Dive or Swimming Tour” where they can explore and view marine corals in their natural habitat. In addition to diving, travelers can experience a wide array of activities in their local area. Horse riding, camping, fishing, boating, swimming, and sightseeing are only a few of the many activities that tourists can participate in. If you are looking for a unique and educational vacation experience, then taking a trip to Australia to witness the amazing variety of wildlife is definitely a must do for you and your family.

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