Swimming With Killer Whales and Other Sharks – An Amazing Experience in New Zealand

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swim with killer whales new zealand

Swimming With Killer Whales and Other Sharks – An Amazing Experience in New Zealand

If you love the idea of whale watching but aren’t sure whether it is something you could do in New Zealand, swim with killer whales in New Zealand. Killer whales are among the largest predatory fish in the ocean and have special tendencies to be aggressive and to hunt other sharks and fish. For these reasons, you may find that your ideal NZ whale watching trip is in fact a swim with killer whales.

There are a variety of different species of whales in New Zealand, which can all be seen in the Bay of Islands. In terms of variety, one has to mention the great grey whale which is almost as gigantic as a car and is often seen swimming alongside dolphins. Another of the great varieties of whales in New Zealand is the black, grey and blue dolphin. These are generally smaller than the large blue whale and are more likely to stay close to the shore. Killer whales are known to frequent the oceans around New Zealand including the Hauraki Gulf and the Marlborough Sounds region where they are known to frequently go after sharks and other large fish.

New Zealand is also well known for its large population of bottlenose dolphins. These are normally spotted only at night so you will have a rare opportunity to see them during the day on which they display very unique dances and movements to attract the dolphins. The most popular dolphin species is the killer whale but you will be able to see other great varieties such as the common dolphin, wader, pilot whale and elephant seal among others as well. Killer whales are not particularly common but you will still be able to see them swimming by the water on several occasions throughout your travels in New Zealand.

Australia is also a popular destination for those who love whale watching. The Great Barrier Reef in the Tropical North Queensland region is home to many species of sharks. If you’re looking to get close to some sharks then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of tours available in both the city of Cairns and the Whitsunday Islands where you can swim with and watch these amazing animals right from the water. You can also swim with a seal or two if you like. Seals are typically the largest predatory fish in the ocean so spending time with one while swimming in the water will certainly be something that you’ll enjoy. Australia is also known for hosting some of the best sharks in the world including the Great White, Nurse Shark, Tigerstripe and Lemon shark.

If you’re looking to avoid shark attacks then you’ll be happy to know that Australia has some excellent parks that offer this type of experience too. In fact, one of the most popular parks for this type of activity is the Shark Encounter at the Wet ‘n Wild in Brisbane. There are also plenty of other parks that offer whale, shark and dolphin encounters including the Close-Up Experience of Sydney, Australia, the Sharks Underwater Park in New South Wales and the Waiheke Island Marine Science Center in Hawaii.

While you’re in New Zealand you can also visit one of their popular beaches called the Dolphin’s Bay. It’s located near Queenstown, the largest whale watching spot in the country. This area is considered to be one of the best whale watching opportunities in the world. You can often see dolphins and humpback whales amongst the beautiful waters. You can also do swimming with killer whales but you need to make sure that you stay very close to one because these animals can be very wary of human contact. It’s certainly a great opportunity to see whales, dolphins and sharks all in one location.

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