Swimming With Beluga Whales – An Experience Like No Other

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One of the most popular trips of all time is to Canada where you can swim with whales. There are so many places in Canada where you can swim and watch whales, but the best place for swimming with whales is in Churchill, British Columbia. This is because the waters in Churchill are some of the most clear and cleanest waters anywhere. Even when caught by the local fisheries they are still able to catch great specimens.

swimming with beluga whales

Churchill is located on the Kitsilaska strait between Vancouver Island and the Alaska Peninsula in the Pacific. This strait separates two bodies of water, the Ketchikan River and Brackish Inlet. Churchill is one of the most visited cities in British Columbia with about twelve million people visiting on an annual basis. Many people travel to this city just to swim with the whales. The International Whaling Commission keeps an annual viewing period for the summer months where you can swim and view these majestic animals up close.

Even though it is illegal to touch or feed the whales in any way while they are in the wild, you can still enjoy the sights from a distance. On the Sunshine Coast in Campbell River and in Oak Bay the only place you can get to witness the whales up close is by using a snorkeling or diving boat. Most of the times you won’t even need a boat to experience the great wildlife in the area; you can simply swim with the whales and enjoy the spectacular views of the open water.

The third place you can go swimming with beluga whales in Canada is Hudson Bay. It is the most complete area for whale watching in Canada right now. The shipping routes have changed so much over the years that there are now several good spots for swimming among the glaciers. If you are lucky you can even spot two or three pilot whales in the area. Unfortunately Hudson Bay is very far away and you would have to drive or take a train into the Interior to see some real whales up close.

Most people who have visited Hudson Bay have said that the experience was one of the best they have ever had. If you want to experience a unique boat ride and swimming with beluga whales in the frigid waters of Hudson Bay you should try a vessel called the Polarstraveller. It is a touring vessel that allows people to take advantage of the Arctic environment while sailing amongst the glaciers in the background. The Polarstraveller has a number of rooms on board and the tours are guided by trained professionals who know exactly where to set the glass.

As well as the viewing area for the whales you will find that there are some really nice cottages available for rental as a base. At these sites you will be able to lay back on the sofa with your wine and a great book whilst the expert guests around you enjoy their own private swimming experience with the Beluga whales. The only thing to remember is that you should not swim alone in the Arctic – if you do come across any polar bears it would be better if you hired a team to help you out with swimming safely in the freezing water. Hire a guide, tell them where you want to go and leave them to make sure that you do not get lost while you are swimming with beluga whales in Hudson Bay!

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