Swimming Whales, Dolphin Watching and Whale Hunting

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swimming whales

Swimming Whales, Dolphin Watching and Whale Hunting

The sight of swimming whales and dolphins has captivated many people over the years. People see these beautiful creatures up close and personal, and it is amazing how they can take you into a realm that is so remote and yet so real. If you have ever wanted to see these creatures up close and personal then a visit to the Santa Barbara harbor may be just what you are looking for.

There are plenty of reasons why you should go whale watching in Santa Barbara. Not only is whale watching fun, but it is a great way to get away from your daily hustle and bustle. Some of the activities that are available include snorkeling and diving for beginners as well as experienced trainers. You will also find that the whales can be quite entertaining to watch from shore.

In addition to whale watching, you can also experience the thrill of dolphin watching. These animals are known for their intelligence and curiosity. This is a great time to get an up close and personal view of these unique creatures. Dolphin watching offers hours of activity including chasing the dolphins, swimming with them and touching them, and much more.

Many people are attracted to watching the dolphins because of the beauty of their movement and their appearance. It is rare to be able to see these creatures up close and without being awed by their uniqueness. In addition to seeing the dolphins, people can also view the whales while they are traveling up and down the Santa Barbara coast.

If you want to have the whale or dolphin viewing experience without having to worry about getting wet, then dolphin watching is the perfect solution. These animals do not usually come up to the surface to feed, but rather stay close to the deeper water for days at a time. Because of this, you will not usually have to worry about being wetsed while enjoying the beautiful sights of these unique animals. Your view will be unobstructed and you will even be able to sit on the boat or cruise along and still see the whales and dolphins.

Most visitors to Santa Barbara are able to see the whales during their time in the harbor. However, the best time to see the dolphins is in June when they are in breeding season. The calves will appear along the coastline at this time and you will be able to view them from quite a distance away. Regardless of when you visit Santa Barbara, you can’t go wrong with whale watching, dolphin watching or swimming with the whales.

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