Stopping Whaling and Promoting Marine Conservation

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There are many things we can do to help save the whales. In fact, in the last month, a record number of whales has been killed or strangled in what is considered to be a wrongful death. It is important that we stop the destruction of these magnificent animals. Overfishing and releasing toxins into the ocean has led to such problems. As more whale populations are being destroyed at a rapid pace, the possibility of the total extermination of these incredible creatures is real. Thankfully, there are several things we can do to help.

help save the whales

The depletion of the marine life has become one of the leading causes of death of these mammals. One of the most critical problems is the overfishing of the local ocean fish such as tuna and swordfish. These are the types of fish that provide food and oxygen to the whales. Without them, the marine ecosystem cannot sustain large numbers of whales. One of the ways to help preserve the marine life is to implement measures which decrease overfishing. This will prevent further loss of marine life.

Another serious problem that has been recently brought to the attention of people is the impact of ships and cruise ships on whale populations. Ocean noise pollution is a major problem that impacts whales adversely. This is because whales travel in extremely narrow channels and rely on the sound of the underwater environment to help them find their way home. Unfortunately, ships can often make too much noise for the whales to use. These noises, known as sonar, can damage the sensitive ears of whales and reduce their ability to follow the direction of the waves. This means less food for the whales.

A solution to the problem of increasing whale populations is to implement measures which decrease the negative impact caused by commercial whaling and shipping activities. One of the best ways to help whales is to remove vessels from the seas which are deliberately harassing or otherwise causing harm to these amazing creatures. For this to be effective however, it is important to increase awareness among people about the impact of these activities on marine ecosystems. There have already been calls to cease commercial whaling. International groups like International Shark Trust have worked hard to stop the senseless killing of whales in order to increase the number of Humpback Whales. Stopping the senseless killing of whales offers an important step towards preserving the whales and their valuable species.

Another issue which is being highlighted today is the effect of climate change on whales. Climate change has caused ocean temperatures to rise substantially, upsetting the whales’ migration patterns. It is important to stop this from happening because the rise of the temperature can threaten the existence of the whales. Research has shown that the reduction of certain whales can be directly linked to the effects of climate change. Stopping this type of pollution now can help save the whales in the future.

Stopping whaling and commercial whaling will also help decrease the pressure placed on the already vulnerable populations of these magnificent animals. There are two times more whales dying in the seas than at present. This means that there is a greater risk of die-off of these magnificent creatures in the future if no drastic action is taken. Stopping whaling will also reduce the pressure put on the already endangered finches, Galapagos tortoises, leatherback turtles, and so on. Stopping whaling now can help save the whales and other sea life which rely on the oceans for food. Stopping whaling now can help preserve these species in the near future.

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