Seaworld Incidences With Killer Whales

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The tragic incidents of the last year in which nine dead whales were washed into the San Diego-La Jolla Shore as well as near the beaches of Orange County, California have caused the death of several people. These victims were primarily struck by large whale sharks which then bit them to death. At this time, it has been confirmed that a pod of highly aggressive pilot whales was responsible for these attacks. Their recent behavior is also being investigated.

seaworld incidents with killer whales

It has been confirmed that these killer whales were among hundreds of thousands of animals which were part of a huge gathering of whales which converged on the Southern California area during the months of June, July and August. The number of incidents is increasing with each passing day since these whales converged on the southern California area. If it were not for the people on board the fishing boats which were too far away from the event, many of these innocent victims might have been crushed to death. It is due to this reason that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFSA) and the State of California are working together in an attempt to stop the whale population from ever growing out of control again.

There have also been a lot of reports of dolphins being attacked and mauled by these large whales. These dolphins are known to be very friendly and sociable animals, however they can be put off guard by this larger member of the pod. The whale can easily overwhelm the smaller dolphin and force it to walk away. This has only been seen once before, and it is believed that this is the first attack against a dolphin off California since it was recorded in 2021.

One of the most amazing incidents took place at the Whalesback Bank State Park in Oregon, USA. This was a particularly bad year for these whales due to the unusually high number of humpback whales which were washing up on the beach there. A great number of the whales became aggressive and began pushing against the fences which were keeping the bigger whales in. After some time, the gates were opened and the whale started to drift further offshore. Nobody was able to get a good shot of the whale and no one knew exactly how far the whale had drifted until divers found the body of the animal washed up on the shore.

The main problem with the whales at the Whalesback Bank State Park was that nobody knew how far it had drifted offshore. Most people who were at the park at the time reported feeling like the whales were close by. Due to the unusual behaviour of the whales, the authorities needed to investigate the entire event. Since the whales were not aggressive they were put on display as a big scare attraction, however they were not harmed in the process.

In the past there have been reports of whales harassing birds, and this is often when the animals get spooked and head off to sea. Although most of the time the whales stay right by the coast, it is possible they will go as far as southern Canada and the United States. There are only a few boats that regularly travel in the area and the small boats cannot handle the huge whales. Most of the tour boats are out at the end of the whales arrival and when they leave, a harmer gets on board and tries to talk to the tourists. In one case a tourist was attacked by one of the killer whales and needed medical treatment after the attack.

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