Playing With Whales Of Cash Slot Machines

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whales of cash slot machine

Playing With Whales Of Cash Slot Machines

The main idea behind the Whales of Cash slot machines is that you need to be able to choose between different winnings. Most of the time, winning here is dependent on how well you predict the winning numbers. But even so, winning here is not that easy to do. That is why the casino always have two options: they either keep you playing for as long as possible or get rid of you. Either way, this is one of those slot machines that will give you big profits if only you play it right.

In the base game, there is a five-reel, three-lines layout, giving 240 possible winning combinations. You may want to remove the third lines from the right-hand corner, reducing the number of possible combinations to just twenty. But for some of us, playing this would take away from some of the fun factor of whales of cash slot machine. So it is recommended that you leave the third reels alone and simply concentrate on the other reels in the center. The deluxe bonus is an added bonus that you should really try to get.

There are certain symbols on the reels that can help you in deciding what to bet. For example, the scatter symbol will tell you what kind of a bet you will be making – either a straight bet, a combination bet or a spread bet. This will help you gain an edge against the other players in the casino when you play whales of cash slot machine. If the scatter symbol appears next to a number, then you can be sure that you are looking at a jackpot prize because a lot of people are going to be paying out that amount.

A straight bet is a good bet because it is known that the more people who place bets on this slot machine, the better your chances of winning. With a straight bet, you get five winnings and with any combination of two and five you can win more. However, with a spread bet, you can pay as much as you want, but you will receive four wins instead of three.

In addition, there are also some symbols in which you will not need to look for a specific number to know how much you can win. For example, the double scatter symbol means that you are getting double the money that you put in. This is a good thing if you play whales of cash slot machine because often the payouts here are much higher than usual. In fact, when we refer to double in this case, we are talking about the money that will come out after you have won one win. This is something that you will be happy to see especially if you win lots of money.

On the other hand, with the double-scatter symbol, you do not need to double your bet for it to be a huge win. The payout is actually better because you will get the amount that is multiplied by four and then divided by sixteen. These are the great benefits that you can get from playing with the triple-dashes symbol that is located at the very bottom of the screen. Playing with these icons will surely help you to win the huge jackpot that is waiting for you when you play this game.

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