Orcs – Killer Whales

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are orcas killer whales

Orcs – Killer Whales

There are lots of curious things about the Orcas Killer Whales. These killer whales are known for their ability to take down large and massive ships even if they are not used to hunting or being near large vessels. They can also take down other kinds of marine animals, including humans. This has been proven by a few different incidents.

The most famous of all the killer whales is the orca or the killer whale orca. This orca is part of the dolphin family of which it’s the biggest member. It’s most recognizable by its very black-and white striped appearance. It’s dorsal fin stands upright instead of lying flat like the other species of killer whales. Its unique features make it one of the rarest of the species and the second only to the albumb; the only other species to have its head flop like that of an orca.

One of the first things people talk about when talking about the Orcas Killer Whales are the stories about them killing other fish. This may have been a true story but it isn’t the only one. It’s said that in the past there were reports of killer whales killing other types of marine animals. It wasn’t usually fish though, they’ve been reported to have killed walrus, bears, and even birds. So if someone told you that they saw killer whales eating fish almost ten years ago, that really could have been true.

Another account comes from a captive orca who was fed sugar water from bottles while swimming in the tank. Many of the cetaceans would stop eating when they were full, but one orca kept eating right through his bottle. It took him nearly two decades to finish consuming the sugar. While this may seem like an exaggeration the chances are high that at least one cetacean lost their appetite for the sugar in the bottle.

Of all the aquatic invertebrates the killer whales are the only ones known to prey upon sharks. Orcas have even been known to take down great white sharks. It’s not entirely clear why they target these sharks but it is known that they do. The reason for this is that these great whites are a threat to their territory and even smaller-sized sharks are threatened by them. Another great example of Orcas targeting sharks comes from the armed services. Many members of the armed forces have been attacked by sharks during their tours of duty in the Persian Gulf.

In conclusion, although there has been a lot written about the Orca, very little is known about the killer whales. There is little information on their behavior, diet, and what they feed on. Only a few accounts come from the scientific community about their abilities to take down salmon and other marine mammals. While the Orcas might be interesting and exciting to study the details of their ecosystem are too little known to directly impact human activities. This lack of knowledge could pose a problem when these beautiful animals become extinct.

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