Orca Whales For Kids and Other Animals Units

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Orca whales for kids are a very popular option for a baby orca whale watching experience. Orca whales are interesting marine mammals with jet black backs, white bellies and almond shaped eyes. This is just a fashion way to distinguish them from other humpback whales.

orca whales for kids

They primarily live in the Antarctica and Arctic regions. They can only survive in warm coastal waters and coastal areas. They mate during the winter time and for the breeding season they mate for at least eight hours. The young take approximately eight hours to become adults. During the summer time they sleep up to twelve hours a day.

For this reason, orca whales for kids should be on top of your list of species to learn about. They provide information about their behavior, diet, interactions with other animals and marine life, their relationships with humans and other whales, the migration routes and information on finding them. A great source for factual information is the Orca whale Species Identification Manual. You should also look for books about Killer Whales and their habits, facts about their migration and the National Marine Mammal Rights Act.

The Orca whale is a great choice for a child’s birthday party or a special day in a child’s life. They make an exciting and educational experience for a young child. They’re one of the most popular marine mammals in the world, second only to the blue whale. In the early weeks of their pregnancy, these magnificent whales give birth to their young, called calves. The mothers take care of their young for the first six months of their lives and then the mothers go back to sea where they return to their original family of whales.

The Orca whales for kids represent a great option for learning about one of our world’s most mysterious creatures. They are not seen or heard very often, so it will take some research to learn much about these amazing creatures. In the Orca whales for kids and other marine animals units, you will learn the myths and the history about these unique animals. You will also learn about how they are related to human beings and their intelligence. As you read about the fascinating history of these killer whales, you will gain a better understanding of how these animals behave. The stories presented in the unit along with the illustrations will stimulate your kid’s mind, teach him or her about nature, encourage their creativity and build a foundation for future learning.

You can purchase the Orca whales for kids as a complete unit including the book, activity book, snorkel, and goggles. The book can be purchased separately and used as an interactive learning and storytelling activity. The goggles will provide you with a real close up view of these magnificent creatures and allow you to see the different details such as the eye stalks, the unique call patterns, and the blowouts. The activity book will be filled with interesting facts and examples that you can use to put together your own marine animal experience. These two hours of hands on learning are sure to make you and your kids come back again to enjoy the fun.

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