Monterey Bay and Killer Whales: A Perfect Pairing

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killer whales in monterey bay

Monterey Bay and Killer Whales: A Perfect Pairing

The best time to view Killer Whales in Monterey Bay, California is from April through October. While they are not around every day as the grey whales, most often can be found by the Killer Whales in this time of year because they come here to hunt black and white whales. This is the most common season for these whales. However, they are not only there, but there are many other species of whales during this time as well. Therefore, it is important to plan a trip to this area if you are looking for some killer whales in Monterey Bay.

There are two different types of Killer Whales in Monterey Bay. The first is the Humpback, also know as the Southern Resident Killer Whale. They are much larger than the grey or blue whales and are generally seen between April and October. The second type of Killer Whale is the Blue, which is different from the southern type.

Unlike the other killer whales in the waters of Monterey Bay, the blue whale is a smaller whale that is only one to two feet long. They are a very aggressive animal and are known to catch and eat any fish that swim near them such as fish, birds, seals, and crabs. The reasons that the blue whale is aggressive is not completely understood, but they have been known to become over aggressive when cornered, especially when other pods in the area begin to bully them. Blue whales can be found in a number of different locations including the Santa Cruz Islands, San Benito County, and the Pacific Ocean itself.

If you are interested in killer whale watching in monterey bay, the first thing that you need to do is get a boat to get out on the water. You will also need to get some expert marine wildlife viewing equipment so that you can get a good view of these animals up close. This equipment can range from spotting scuba gear to binoculars so make sure that you find some that you can afford so that you do not get too carried away.

Although the pods of Killer Whales in Monterey Bay have been known to attack and catch prey, they have rarely been involved in attacks on humans in recent history. It is unknown why this has not happened, but it has in past years. It is possible that this is because the mammals are just too big to move quickly enough to risk getting caught by humans. The last time there was a case of a Killer Whale attacking a human was in 2021 when a calf was attacked near Monterey Park. A Long-Beaked Common Dolphin was also involved and both animals were later brought back to Monterey Bay for rehabilitation.

These are just a few of the experiences that can be had during whale watching tours of Monterey Bay. For most people, whale watching tours of Monterey Bay are one of their favorite activities to do while in the area. Many individual whales and pods are regularly sighted making it a great chance for you to enjoy the sea and see what lives in its natural habitat. Some of the best tours of the whales in Monterey Bay take place in the winter because there are fewer challenges for the whales during that time. If you are planning a trip to California this winter, you might want to consider scheduling a trip to one of the killer whales in Monterey Bay for your entire family to enjoy.

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