Mexico See’s Grey Whales Grow

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Gray whales live in the warm waters of Mexico. They can be seen from the coast of Cabo San Lucas. There are about seven species of grey whales which live in the waters of Mexico. These are listed as Cetacea mackennetti, Cetacea congolata, Cetacea minor, Cetacea russelli, Cetacea brevigrata, and the rarest of these seven species being the last one which is only known as the last common grey whale. These whales are the largest among all species and their size has a lot to do with their reproductive capacity.

grey whales mexico

Gray whales are among the most fertile animals that can breed in the ocean. Their reproduction cycle is much faster than that of the other species. They reach maturity and then give birth to their young. These whales’ young are able to swim very fast and are very strong.

The breeding patterns of grey whales can determine the future population of this species in the ocean. If the breeding rate becomes too high, there will be more of these whales around, but if it becomes too low, there will be less of them around. In fact, some researchers believe that the decline of the grey whale population has something to do with the increase of the rare white shark. If the trend continues, fewer grey whales may be around as well.

Gray whales can be seen by divers anytime of the year, even during the winter months when they are not mating. These creatures usually come together as a group to feed. Divers who have been to the North and South poles have seen grey whales up close. Diving sites in the Pacific Ocean are perfect for seeing these massive creatures up close. You will also be able to view the mothers with their calves close by.

It is believed that these whales were hunted once very heavily because of their abundance in the warm waters. The grey whales of today are considered to be one of the most conservation measures protected species in the world. There have been some efforts to reduce their numbers in certain areas, but those efforts have not worked thus far. The Mexican State, Hidalgo, has made an effort to protect grey whales and in 2021, it was discovered that over 30 grey whales had been killed off from Mexico.

Although the numbers of grey whales Mexico has seen before have been decreasing, recent studies have shown that growth has been increasing in certain parts of the Pacific Ocean. The growth in the population is being attributed to increased abundance of food in some areas, as well as being able to take advantage of certain types of fishing. Many people believe that the increase in the growth is due to growing demand for grey whale blubber. It is hoped that the increased growth will be able to help the Mexico’s tourism industry. The government has also started a number of programmes that will attract more tourists to visit the whales in Mexico and enjoy the wonderful sights that these animals offer.

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