Killer Whales Physical Appearance

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The Killer whales are the most feared of all ocean sharks. Killer whales are large predatory sharks that can grow to lengths of over 9 m long and can live for many years. Their physical appearance is intimidating, which is why people often mistake them for a different type of shark.

killer whales physical appearance

These massive sharks are found off the shores of Australia and Brazil in the Pacific Ocean. There are about 1500 identified killer whales and they are considered to be the largest predatory sharks in the world. They are also some of the most rare. These whales have evolved to a large size over millions of years. Some have even reached a size of more than one hundred tons!

Killer whales have soft-bellied bodies and long, tapered snouts. When you look at them closely you will notice that their skin is patterned after that of a great white shark. The skin has a sort of greenish hue. In fact, they are sometimes mistaken for a great white shark. Their teeth are in fact smaller than that of the Great White sharks but their appearance has made them popular as the’shark that bit’!

When you look at Killer whales you will notice that their dorsal fins are extremely large and appear very sharp. They can grow to lengths of almost three feet when fully mature. Their caudal pelvic fins appear wider than the other fins. This makes them look more like a small wave than a large predatory fish.

The color of the whales varies depending on the season. In the summer time the killer whales tend to be darker than the other seasons. In winter time the whales change color to that of snow. Their physical appearance is such that people often mistake the killer whales for different types of sharks.

There are a large variety of killer whales available to marine parks and you would do well to ensure that you do your research before you select a show to watch. There are many types of whales to choose from. Some of these are very shy and seldom make any noise while others travel in packs. So take your time to find the type of whale that is most appropriate for you.

Some of the most popular killer whales to watch include the South Atlantic Right Whale, West Australian Lesser Whale, Humpback Whales, Mexican White and the Southern Pacific Black. The Humpback is known for its great ability to communicate in pods and its willingness to take on a larger number of mates. This makes them very social and well suited to group traveling pods. The West Australian Lesser Whales is another good choice as they travel in large groups. They tend to remain close to their mothers, but travel with other pods from time to time.

One of the best ways to enjoy the wonders of nature is to view whales up close. You will never again forget the wonder of watching one of these magnificent animals up close. Killer whales will leave you breathless with their majestic physical appearance. The amazing sights and sounds are enough to calm most people down. So if you have never seen one up close it is time that you did.

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