Killer Whales – Are They Dangerous?

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Many people have heard about the stories about whales attacking boats. Most likely you have heard about the story where a great white shark attacked a sailing boat off the coast of Australia. This happened in February 2021. The incident received a lot of media attention since many people thought the great white shark was a great and powerful creature. Many people came to the conclusion that this was a sign of the end of days as a great white shark was the largest known shark at the time.

Sadly, not everyone agreed with this conclusion. Experts said: “as the species got closer, we started to get more regular reports of whales coming close to sailing boats.” Due to more human fishing than usual, the populations of killer whales in those areas have declined significantly. In terms of the attacks on boats, experts stated: “as the whales have become more frequent, they have been able to test the abilities of their prey. As they get better, they will be more dangerous for sailing vessels.”

Another reason why experts believe whales may attack boats is because a single whale can outrun most small ships. For this reason, there have been stories about killer whales attacking commercial and military ships. When asked if there was any possibility for a whale to attack a boat, a leading whale researcher said “I can tell you this, there is only one potential problem that a whale could encounter while it is out on the sea. It may happen – but we don’t know it when it happens.”

Many other whale researchers believe the number of attacks is actually far lower than those incidents mentioned. They believe the number of whales out at sea is much lower than the number that venture inside the coastline. There have also been stories of whales harassing or even chasing away smaller ships. Experts claim that most of the “killer whales” in history have either escaped or been caught after a encounter.

As frightening as these stories are, there have actually been many reports of whales helping people and boats get out into the water. During a boating accident, a pod of whales has helped save lives by pulling the stricken vessel out of the water. Researchers believe the whales behave as a sort of hydro-jetting, or “jetting,” when encountering distressed boats in the water. The pods of whales push the capsized boats into the water with great force, allowing people to safely exit the water. Experts believe whales help save lives through the act of jetting, since they act as a sort of life-saving force even when in clear waters. In fact, many people who have personally experienced the benefits of the assistance of whales have referred to them as “life-saving machines.”

Despite the myths that some have mentioned concerning Killer whales being dangerous, studies have shown otherwise. There is no reason why boats cannot sail safely in and around the waters with the assistance of killer whales. The bottom line is, if you’re having a problem with boats and want to join in the “saving lives” program, head to the shore and let the whales take over. There’s no need to feel intimidated. There have been plenty of reports of whales assisting individuals and boats throughout history.

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