Kayaking With Killer Whales In British Columbia

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kayaking with killer whales

Kayaking With Killer Whales In British Columbia

Can’t make it to Vancouver Island in Canada to kayak with killer whales? Guess what? Killer whales frequent the Pugent Sound all throughout BC. You will have plenty of opportunities to see them up close and personal if you are willing to travel long distances to reach their habitat. There are many opportunities for viewing whales along the Sound on BC’s West Coast from various locations. Here’s a round-up of some of the best places to catch sight of killer whales and other great wildlife on your trip to see whales in British Columbia:

The first option is to head to Orca Camp on North Vancouver Island between July and Sept; if you join up at Orca Camp anytime between July and Sept, chances are you will be kayaking with killer whales. Killer whales are a very common sight during the summer months (and all year around in fact), and they can be spotted from anywhere on the Pugent Sound. If you have the time, you should make a reservation at Orca to get a closer look at some amazing Killer whales up close.

Also on Vancouver Island, the third best place to see killer whales and other marine wildlife is the Hood canal. It is not uncommon to see several pods of salmon swimming down the Columbia River here. This is a great spot to camp out, as Hood canal is very close to the downtown areas of Gastown and West End. There are quite a few restaurants and bars at the canal so you won’t need to bring a lot of food and drink with you!

If you aren’t comfortable staying on the beaches, consider one of the many islands south of Vancouver. These islands are much closer to nature, and offer a more authentic feel to your kayaking adventure. Hood, Raincoast, and Sunshine Coast are some of the best islands to head to if you want to kayak with killer whales in British Columbia. They offer clear, shallow waters, making them perfect for swimming and watching seals. Also, depending on the season, these three islands may get access to some very humpback whales. The seals on these islands can be very interesting to watch, and you can even go seal hunting if you like!

Finally, the fourth and final place to see whales and other marine wildlife while kayaking in British Columbia is Port Discovery Bay. This bay is not too far from West Vancouver, and it offers a great view of the water. Killer whales, seals, and other wildlife can often be seen basking in the sun on the beach. A little bit of an adventurous spirit might also make a day trip into the interior of Gastown to check out the beautiful Royal Couple Hotel, or the Kitsilas Building. If you go this route, make sure you take along a camera because you won’t be able to capture the wonderful sights without one.

While kayaking with killer whales in British Columbia, you will have the chance to encounter some rare species of fish, including the Orca. Orca were first spotted by an expedition of the Canadian government into the chilly waters around the San Juan Islands. These unique creatures were caught on video after being stranded on the shores of the islands, and are now in danger of being listed as endangered. There is a great deal you can do while kayaking in British Columbia if you wish to experience this special whale watching event. Kayaking is a great way to get close to nature and see some incredible aquatic life.

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