Kayak With the Whales – Experience Nature at Its Best

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If you are planning to go whale watching, you will probably be limited to Elkhorn Slough. However, if you don’t have your very own kayak and would like to kayak with the whales, contact the two kayak rental companies at Moss Landing. They can arrange a specially guided tour out to watch the whales up close. This is a great way to learn about this amazing sea creature.

kayak with the whales

Experts say that almost every year about 100 unusual humpback whales make their way into Australia. If you hire a kayak to kayak with the killer whales, you will be one step closer to fulfilling your dream come true. The cool thing about seeing these magnificent creatures up close is that they usually don’t bite or even move too close to the kayakers. In fact, some experts believe that seeing them almost within touching distance may be better than actually seeing them. You would never even know what you were seeing until you got up close and could actually see their eyes, plus their incredible smell!

Most of these tours last about three hours and involve a boat trip to see the whales from a kayak. As the kayaker pulls alongside the whale, the captain and crew will explain what they are seeing and what it means to the marine life that they are seeing. Then you will be free to enjoy the amazing views and the magnificent wildlife that you are seeing.

Some of the most popular tours include Deep South Kayak Adventures, the Belugas Experience, South East Asia Kayak Adventures and Caught Inside a Humpback Whale Adventure. Each of these whale watching adventures offers an exciting, almost surreal journey around the vastness of the ocean. In the Deep South, the kayaker will have the rare opportunity to observe the black and white humpback whales as they swim the famous Humpback Whales. Some of the species are protected so visitors will be able to take pictures and learn about them. As for the Belugas, they have quite the favorite, catching the blue whales migrating to Cape Town, South Africa in the coming months.

For people who love to learn more about the wildlife of the area, a trip to the Belugas will include a day of snorkeling in the ocean and a chance to feed the sea turtles that inhabit the area. The Caught Inside a Humpback Whale experience allows participants the opportunity to be one of the first people ever to witness a real live humpback whale as it surfaces to take a drink of water from its mouth. While at this amazing site, the kayaker can also view the many dolphin species that come to breed at this locale. In addition, several of the dolphins are trained to surf and participate in kayak paddle sports.

For those interested in seeing another whale or dolphin, the best option is to take a kayak tour to the Halle’s Whales National Park in Pretoria. Kayakers can go on a long tour that takes them through the park’s Hallefjord situated south of Johannesburg. Here, the kayakers can see a pod of pilot whales that travel the waters between the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. Although the trip to the whales may take up to three and a half days, a variety of water activities are offered including snorkeling and kayak fishing. The tour is also home to a wide variety of other animal life including numerous schools of fish and a variety of mammals including sloths, antelopes, capibaras, hippos and bats. This is a great option for animal lovers as the tour lasts for three nights, leaving participants with plenty of time to sightsee and relax.

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