Islands of Life and Water Park Thrillseekers

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whales tails water park

Islands of Life and Water Park Thrillseekers

Whale Tails Water Park is located in Santa Monica and is an exciting attraction for whales enthusiasts. Since its opening in 1998, whale watching has become a popular tourist activity. As one of the most visited attractions in the United States, more people have been enjoying whale watching at Whales Tail Water Park. Located right on the Pacific Ocean, whales frequent the waters here and it is easy to keep them close to your hotel. This makes whale watching a very rewarding experience.

People can stay at any of the three Whales Tail Water Park hotels which are located in Santa Monica. These hotels are the Hyatt Regency, the Fairfield Inn, and the W orlando Fort Lauderdale. The choice of hotel is up to you and your budget. All of these hotels are within walking distance to the rapids and all of the other attractions in the water park. In addition to being close to the water park, these hotels are close to all of the activities that are available at the park as well.

At each of these three hotels, you will find large swimming pools, Jacuzzis, fire pits, and lounge areas. In addition to being close to the water park, you will also be close to many other attractions and activities. For example, there are two restaurants located on site. These restaurants offer a variety of lunch and dinner options.

There are also several different shows at each of these resorts that keep whales entertained. During the summer, the water park is filled with whales going about their daily activities. This ensures that everyone in attendance has an opportunity to learn more about whales and their habits. At certain times of the year, the water park will transform into a “Whalewash” stage.

During this special event, guests are allowed to walk alongside a whale and feed it. You can even feed the whale from the shore! There are several entertainers during these events as well. Each performance is designed to entertain those who are most interested in whales related activities.

Kona Coast Reef offers families and others the opportunity to experience a unique and educational day at the water park. Even children will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the marine life in the area as well as the whales. If you are planning a vacation in Hawaii during the summer months, you should make sure that you make the effort to visit whales tails.

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