Indie Whales: Breaking Into the Music Industry

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Indie Whales: Breaking Into the Music Industry

Freelance Whales are making waves in the Independent Music Scene. With the first half of the year being packed with releases from super groups, such as Angels & Airwaves, Editors, Weezer, King Kong Chorus, The Dead Milk Carton Kids, Koi Orchi, Weezer Again, Peking and Deerhunter among many others, many Whales who had been hanging around waiting for a break from touring have finally found their moment with Diluvia. After their highly successful self-touring last year with their self-titled debut album, the wait for their sophomore effort has been well worth the wait! What makes Diluvia unique compared to other albums is the wide variety of guest spots that will be featured on this album. A heavy presence on the lyrical side, the production has been received with both praise and mixed reviews but overall fans seem very pleased with this effort.

This coming October, freelance whales will once again make their presence felt in the Independent Music Scene. The independently released, half LP, Diluvia will be hitting shelves just a few months after the release of their highly acclaimed first full-LP, entitled Waking Dreams. With the assistance of several producers from London, California, Europe, and New York, this half-LP will feature eight songs recorded at different studios throughout the U.S. and Europe. The songs were co-produced by Weezer’s Brent Katzel, who produced the original “Waking Dreams” and is also credited on “Diluva,” “Loving You,” and “You’re Ever So Clear.”

One of the most talked about issues surrounding independent bands and their recordings is the lack of cooperation between artists and record labels. While some labels have become increasingly open to indie pop and indie rock acts with the passing of years, it seems as if some independent music scenes are still closed to new artists. With the rise of new technology, the possibilities for indie pop and indie rock bands are truly endless. With Diluvia and several other upcoming albums coming out, indie music fans can only expect to see more collaboration between artists and producers in the future.

When bands are based in their home towns, it is often difficult for them to get a chance to tour the rest of the world. When bands are constantly playing shows in small venues in their hometowns, it is very easy to focus on local matters such as how good their set was, or how many people came to see them perform. But bands that are signed to major labels often have to play in front of hundreds or thousands of people every single night in order to generate enough interest to warrant tickets sold at their gigs. While it may seem impossible to break into the Top 10 at popular festivals like Coachella or headlining spots at arenas around the country, it has become much easier for artists in New York City due to the large number of indie clubs and bars. With bands like The Strokes, The Warlocks, and others putting on massive concerts every year, it is not hard anymore to find a spot in a larger venue to play a show.

While some independent artists try to hide their identities behind pseudonyms, there are also those who want to make an artistic statement without giving away their identities through hyphens or brackets. For these artists, it is important to know how to use captions and other formatting so that the audience can easily follow along with the lyrics and the performing artist’s words. In fact, some of the most successful indie bands in recent years have been those who have been able to convey their unique takes on music and have used captions and other methods without attracting any undue attention. Taking this extra step requires creativity, but it is crucial to any band hoping to find themselves well-known in the ever-changing music market. While there are many ways to get noticed, knowing how to effectively use the aforementioned multimedia can help a band find their place in the world of independent music.

Many indie bands, both new and old, are taking advantage of new technologies like social networking to promote themselves. With people able to click pictures, upload videos, or even post captions online in blogs and other websites, bands can take advantage of social media outlets to build up a strong fan base. New technology allows indie whales to not only promote themselves but also to play music in a loud and memorable way that will keep audiences coming back time again. For any band interested in breaking into the world of indie, it is essential to be aware of where the musical Internet is headed. By keeping the aforementioned points in mind when performing, a band can ensure its presence in any area of the musical community.

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