Iceland Whales and Icebergs – Seamless Secrets of Ice and Mind-Blowing Viewings of Icebergs and Whales in Iceland

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Iceland Whales and Icebergs – Seamless Secrets of Ice and Mind-Blowing Viewings of Icebergs and Whales in Iceland

From the shores of Iceland, whales are a sight to behold. Many tour operators will arrange a Iceland whale cruise for visitors. The fascinating animals of Iceland have been featured in movies and on stage, but few people ever get to see them up close. Educational tour, including life-size models & interaction features. Whale watching excursions can be made available from a number of locations. A few include Dovre, Hvencraffa, Stykkola, Hrabalahasto, Dalir, Summerland and Hlaeyjarfjor.

The most popular Iceland whale watching tours are typically designed for just a couple of hours and include a guided boat ride to watch the majestic creatures up close. Typically, tours will take visitors to Hluhluwe where the whales are known to live; they are blue whales and the largest among the five distinct types of whale. Humpback whales and sperm whales are more prevalent off the west coast of Iceland, although Humpbacks are rarely seen in the North Atlantic. Other attractions in Iceland include grey whales, pilot whales, and black hump whales. The Hluhluwe Whales are the only ones that breed in Iceland.

The breeding habits and lifestyle of the Iceland blue whales is unique, so the sight of these creatures in a natural environment is truly astounding. On a Iceland whale watching tour, visitors can also expect to see the bottlenose and the bottle-nosed whales. Bottlenose and bottle-nosed whales are the smallest members of the whales family, with the sei whales being the largest – approximately the same size as blue whales. Sei whales are known to travel up to 3 miles each day, giving a great deal of insight into their lifestyle and interactions with other marine species.

Hauled by the ice each winter, these beautiful mammals spend much of their time resting on the ice. It is during their resting periods that you can see Iceland’s most magnificent whales up close. During the springtime, these amazing animals become active again and head out to open waters. Tour operators often provide a guided tour of the entire jagged coastline from Reykjavik in the North to the southernmost portions of the South Atlantic. There, you can marvel at the whale’s brilliant colors, ranging from light gray to deep teal. Whale watching is an educational activity, especially when you are accompanied by an expert or an experienced guide.

Even if you aren’t able to witness these amazing sea creatures up close, there are many other ways to appreciate their uniqueness and their habitat. Iceland has a thriving culture and economy, so you can take part in many activities that enrich the environment and the people of this captivating country. Whether you want to hike along the volcanoes with a nature photographer, go cycling on the trails of Iceland, or participate in a white water rafting adventure, you will find many exciting and worthwhile activities that enrich your overall travel experience in Iceland.

One of the best ways to enjoy Iceland is to engage in one of its many sightseeing tours. Iceland tours offer the chance to view many of the whale species, including the great blue and grey whales, as well as the killer whales. You can also enjoy the chance to view icebergs and glaciers up close. If you have never visited Iceland, don’t be surprised if you instantly feel drawn to the land and glacier of this captivating country. The awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland is best experienced with a guided trip on one of its amazing icebergs!

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