How to Find Right Whales

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right whales

How to Find Right Whales

Right whales, also called porpoises (phytosians) are some of the smallest whale species. These cetaceans, which number about fifteen to twenty five thousand, are the second most populous of all whales and are known for their intelligence and high intelligence. They can be found off the coasts of North America, South America, Russia, Australia, and Asian countries such as China and Japan. These whales are a vital part of our marine ecosystem, because they help to control the levels of oxygen in the water. In addition, right whales travel long distances in search of food like fish and shrimp. Their population has declined in the past, but a recent rise in their numbers has led to an increase in conservation efforts.

Right whales, like all large whales, are classified as endangered due to their continued decline in numbers. North Atlantic right whales are among the planet’s most endangered large whales. Hundreds of years of whaling by commercial whalers decimated this species by the beginning of the 1900s. The International Whaling Commission has been involved in conservation efforts for the past fifty years. It is believed that only around two hundred remain in the wild.

Right whales prefer a diet consisting of fish, shrimps, crustaceans, and crabs. These animals are omnivorous, eating anything they can find including berries, seeds, bugs, small reptiles, and even carrion. Their dense fur allows them to stay warm even in cold waters, which explains why they were often found stranded on ice in the middle of large ocean storms. The lack of food has caused them to become even more migratory, traveling up and down the east and west coast of North America. Since they are so closely related to the wader (the big fish that men and women catch along the shores), they have a surprising resemblance in the way they move.

Whales have one of the highest rates of reproduction of any cetacean. Each year they give birth to over ten babies. Most of these calves live just for a few months, but some may live up to a year. The main reason that right whales are an endangered species is their vulnerability to being caught and killed by commercial fishermen. This is a problem that is faced by all types of oceanic wildlife, not just those that spend most of their time at sea.

Right whales primarily feed on small fish called cephalopods. The atlantic right whale eats a variety of these foods including squids, small crabs, and even octopus. The male’s teeth are used to break up these delicacies. Other foods that they feed on include kelp, phytoplankton, and algae. Their metabolism causes them to need lots of oxygen, so they often spend their time near the edge of calving grounds where oxygen levels are high.

Although the right whales appear to be in decline, it is unclear if this is due to whaling. It could simply be that the food supply is becoming smaller. In both Borneo and Alaska, it has been said that whales are now staying away from these areas due to overfishing. There has also been some evidence that the whales are being affected by cancer.

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