How Many Different Kind of Whales Are There?

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how many different kind of whales are there

How Many Different Kind of Whales Are There?

To answer the question how many different kind of whales are there is not simple as it seems. The number of whales varies according to the type of whales and their migratory patterns. For example, a single day migration of a sperm whale from South Africa to Australia takes about two days. The same sperm whale may return to South Africa two times in its lifetime. This means that even though they are not visible to humans on the surface of the earth they are moving constantly.

One kind of whales that is very common is the black/blue whale that is the most abundant in the ocean. They are also the largest among other whales and can reach a total length of about 9 metres. In addition to this fact, whales have a very complex social structure and a complex breeding system. It is estimated that about one million individual whales live in the oceans today.

Another kind of whales that is very common is the blue whale which is the second most common whale in the oceans. The reproductive ability of this kind of whale is highly evolved and it is the largest predatory whale. The reproductive rate and size varies according to the food supply available. It can grow to lengths of more than ten metres. These facts make the search for the number of different kind of whales much easier than searching for different types of fish or insects. If you want to know how many different kind of whales are there is no easy way to estimate the number.

There is an interesting theory by Leslie Pockell who suggests that whales could hold an average of seven different species. There could be as few as three or as many as nine. The difference between species could be based on reproductive capacity and the number of offspring required to maintain the population. Leslie’s theory may also hold true in case of the different kinds of whales.

How many different kind of whales are there? The answer lies in the fact that not all whales are the same. They differ in size, diet and behavior. We may never really know the exact number since it is possible that there are a lot of undiscovered species yet to be discovered. Estimates say there can be as few as seven species of whales in the entire ocean but a recent research has estimated the number of whales to around 20%.

There are several theories about how many different kind of whales are there. Some suggest that whales have evolved into distinct species through the long history of whales. Some think that whales are land-based mammals and others believe that they are fish-like. There is also a theory that all whales are related although how closely related they are to each other is still under debate. Whichever theory you choose to believe, there is no doubt that whales are some of the most amazing creatures in the world.

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