How Are Blue Whales Endangered?

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One of the most talked about questions in the environmental field is how are blue whales in danger? The blue whale, also known as the Southern Right Whales, is a unique species of marine mammal known as a baleen whale. At the age of puberty, these creatures mature and grow into adults, and are among the largest predatory animals known to live in the seas. At a minimum estimated length of 19.5 metres and with a weight of up to 198 tons, the blue whale is the fourth largest animal known to exist.

how are blue whales endangered

Now, how are blue whales endangered? Well, according to some specialists, there are only a few of these creatures left in the wild. They live in the Pacific Ocean and off the coasts of Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. In fact, there was only one blue whale population approximately 10 million years ago, and since then, it has become endangered because of overfishing. It can take years for a single whale to mate, and when they do, only a very few will be able to reproduce.

Because this creature can only reproduce at certain times of the year, the number of blue whales in the wild has dramatically decreased. According to estimates, between six and seven hundred of these creatures exist at any given time, with the possibility of another twenty being born during each season. The sad part of all of this is that there is not much that can be done to save them from extinction. Since nocturnal animals, they tend to roam vast areas of the ocean, swimming in currents and searching for their next meal.

The question on the minds of many people is how are blue whales endangered? Well, if you use the word “endangered” in this sentence, it means that the species is in danger of becoming extinct. On the other hand, if you use words such as “survivable”, “protected”, “management”, or “managed” it means that the current conditions of the environment require action in order to preserve the species. This sentence can also be modified by using words such as “future”, “planned” and “forecast”.

One thing that needs to be realized is that a sentence containing the word “in danger” cannot be used to prove how are blue whales are endangered. A sentence with the phrase ” endangered” can be used to show just how rare the species is, although “endangered” does play a large part in how the sentence is written. You have to take into consideration the probability of a whale conservationist saving a whale, which is likely to occur over a one hour period.

When you try to write a sentence concerning how are blue whales endangered, you have to be very careful about how you structure your sentence. The more times you re-arrange the words, the less accurate your writing will be. If you do find yourself writing the sentence without a pause between sentences and with little punctuation involved, then you’ve probably just done some rewriting. To save yourself from this kind of mistake, always write the sentence with a pause at the end and use commas and periods to indicate that you are using a brief pause instead of a full sentence.

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