How Are Beluga Whales Endangered?

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how are beluga whales endangered

How Are Beluga Whales Endangered?

The question “How are beluga whales endangered?” is one that has plagued scientists for years. Belugas, or simply beluga whales, are a large group of whales that are considered to be one of the largest groups of whales in the world. Beluga whales are thought to live in the Arctic region of the North Polar Sea, and there have only been a handful of sightings in the past.

Whales play an important role in the marine ecosystem because they are what keep the oceans oxygenated. They also help regulate the levels of methane in the water by storing it. Because of their size and unusual appearance, belugas draw a lot of attention. They are often hunted for their meat, but this practice has drastically decreased due to the fact that they are so incredibly beautiful and cuddly. It is these characteristics as well as their age that makes them one of the most Endangered species in the world.

One of the main reasons that the beluga whales are considered endangered is that human activities have drastically lowered their numbers. One of the main threats to these whales comes from global warming. Global warming is caused by the increase in Earth’s temperature, and this increases the rate of evaporation. This means that water levels will rise, and ocean currents will become much more erratic. This results in a reduction in the amount of fish that can survive in the area and will significantly reduce the number of whales.

Global climate change means that the whales will be faced with a shrinking habitat and drastically diminished food supply. Another reason as to why the whales are considered endangered comes from the fact that their populations have dramatically decreased over the past several decades. There have only been a handful of sightings in recent years, and this has led to many speculations as to how are beluga whales endangered? There have also been a handful of strandings over the years, which further decreases the whale population.

Global pollution is another major problem that leads to the decrease of whale populations. Industrial emissions have led to a lack of oxygen in the water, and this has led to a decline in the whale population. Another reason as to how are beluga whales endangered? This problem is directly related to human activity, which means that it affects the whales in more ways than just eliminating oxygen. Manufacturers need to use less chemicals in order to protect the whales.

The decrease in the numbers of these whales has lead to questions as to how are beluga whales endangered? These creatures are a vital part of our marine ecosystem, and without them the planet will suffer greatly. By learning more about these magnificent animals, we can hopefully find out how to save them from extinction.

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